a wrinkle in time (2003 cast)
They take Meg, Charles Wallace, and their new friend Calvin O'Keefe (Gregory Smith) via "tesseract" to other planets, preparing the children for a mission to rescue Dr. Murry from the malevolent "IT" on the planet Camazotz. [2] While this made-for-television film was initially intended to be released in the United States in 2002, this release was delayed until 2004. [3], A Wrinkle in Time received mixed reviews from film critics and journalists alike. | Once they reach Camazotz, however, it is up to Meg, Calvin, and Charles Wallace to face the dangers of CENTRAL Central Intelligence, aided only by each other and a pair of Mrs. Who's glasses. Along the way they ride on the back of a beautiful winged creature (the transformed Mrs. Whatsit), learn about the shadow of tangible evil known as the Black Thing, and visit the Happy Medium (Seán Cullen). They do find and rescue Dr. Murry, but Charles Wallace is seduced away from his family by IT's agent, the Man with Red Eyes (Kyle Secor), and thus comes under the control of IT. ", "Everyone ends up in the same damned place. Dr. Murry manages to tesser himself, Meg and Calvin, away from Camazotz, but Charles Wallace is left behind, trapped in the mind of IT. Returning alone to Camazotz, Meg must find a quality in herself—love—to free Charles Wallace, and possibly free the planet Camazotz as well. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Wrinkle_in_Time_(2003_film) A Wrinkle in Time (2018) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Which (Kate Nelligan). Her youngest brother, Charles Wallace (David Dorfman), a genius, is teased and belittled and thought to be stupid because he does not talk to anyone but family. Her youngest brother, Charles Wallace, a genius, is teased and belittled and thought to be stupid because he does not talk to anyone but family. (as Sarah La Greca), Camazotz Young Woman [7] Mangione pointed out that in her novel, L'Engle trusted her audience and knew they would be able to understand the complex thoughts of the characters. [3] Transforming such abstracts into television images was one of the many hurdles for the makers of the movie, but production issues regarding this portrayal were overcome by the use of special effects. | Assisted by entertainment company Miramax, project creator Catherine Hand worked behind the scenes alongside TV producer Norman Lear to bring her vision to life. [3] A Wrinkle in Time premiered at the Toronto Children's Film Festival, where it won the festival's 2003 Best Feature Film Award. | [6] In her same article, Eberson acknowledged a similar inadequacy in the special effects and explained how they did not meet the hopes of the creators nor the viewers.


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