abu dhabi grand prix track
The key is to get as straight of a line out of the corner so that you can carry as much speed as possible going into Turn 2. While the racing isn't the best around here, the track does offer some spectacular views, thanks to its unique dusk starting time. Manufacturers in bold are competing in the Formula One championship in the current season. There aren't many high-speed direction changes in Abu Dhabi, so the anti-roll bar can be softer than normal at 3/4. ... PO Box 130001, Abu Dhabi, UAE Opening hours: From 9am to 11pm. [10] Both the Canadian Grand Prix and French Grand Prix were later removed from the provisional schedule,[11][12] and as a result the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix was moved to 1 November 2009 where it would become the last of 17 meetings. Turn 18 follows quickly after 17, so be on your toes for this 90-degree left-hander. Turns 11-13 are a triple chicane that seem scary at first, but once you have the rhythm, they're pretty pedestrian to get through. That being said, you'll be arriving into the first corner at about 185 mph (298 kph) and need to brake down to fourth gear beginning at 75m before the turn. On 5 November 2008, however, it was announced that the race would be held as the season finale on 1 November, two weeks before the initially planned date, as the 17th and final race.[2]. Teams in bold are competing in the Formula One championship in the current season. There aren't many high-speed corners here, so although the third sector in particular is slow, you don't need much downforce around here. Kiss the inside kerb and completely avoid the outside kerbing, you get sucked in if you put more than wheel onto that run-off area. The Hermann Tilke-designed track is dominated by its 1.2km straight between Turns 7 and 8 – which, with slow-speed corners marking its beginning and end, makes it a honeypot for overtaking moves. Stay tight while going through the corner, going wide may feel faster, but it's not, especially if you make contact with any of the kerbs here, they're lethal. Turns 15 through 17 are a series of right-handers, two of which you can take flat-out. Accelerate into fourth gear before it, brake down to second once again beginning at the white DRS detection line that runs across the track. Swing the car to the left and kiss the apex of Turn 8 before squirting the throttle, lifting and clumping over the kerb for Turn 9. What’s the circuit like? A slight lift is all that's required to get through when you start turning left and remain in third gear. Brake at the 100m board down into third gear and swing the car to the left for the 5-6 chicane. Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2020. The race was won by Lewis Hamilton making it four wins in a row with Nico Rosberg and Sebastian Vettel completing the podium and Rosberg securing his first Drivers' Championship. In 2006, plans were announced to develop Yas Island, located just to the east of Abu Dhabi, into a new tourist destination, with a major part of the plans centring around a 5.5km race track. Both the inside and outside lines are good for passing here, but the inside is preferable. There are some very big stops in Abu Dhabi, so the brake pressure needs to be high, around 89% is the highest value you can get away with, without locking up too much. I've found that the best line is to cut a little inside kerb, but no more than over the whole red and white painted section, as a penalty will come your way. The reason behind the lower pressures, is that you still get good grip at the lower values, but this will lower tyre wear rate even further. The 2017 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix was held on 26 November 2017. His main championship rival Fernando Alonso finished 2nd behind the Finnish driver Kimi Räikkönen, who won for the first time after his return to Formula One earlier in 2012. The front brake bias should be around 53%, as lock-ups usually occur on the front axle. LEARN MORE. Championship leader Sebastian Vettel finished the race in 3rd position after starting from the pitlane, due to his disqualification from qualifying due to not having enough fuel to return to parc fermé. The ride height should be low, as usual to help straight-line speed, 4/4. The inaugural race was Formula One's first ever day–night race, starting at 17:00 local time. It's also a circuit that has played host to some dramatic title deciders in both 2010 and 2016. Trademarks and brands are the property of [9], For the 2009 season, the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix was added to the schedule. The track debuted as that year’s Formula 1 season finale, with Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel winning from team mate Mark Webber and the already-crowned 2009 champion Jenson Button. Floodlights used to illuminate the circuit were switched on from the start of the event to ensure a seamless transition from daylight to darkness. There's a short burst of a straight heading towards Turn 20, but not one that's long enough to give you a chance at overtaking. You can run the car over the outside kerbing on exit, but it's risky, as it's bumpy and unsettles the car on re-application of the throttle. Later that year, Etihad Airways negotiated a three-year deal for them to become sponsors of the Grand Prix.


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