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Goo making fun of Deonne, especially her "fake" hair: Melanie also has a highly inflated opinion of herself. Roger mentions that he will discuss proper punishment for Melanie, Alfie and Dee-Dee. He is 8 years old. Apply now for our private advertising service. My peers don't watch Nick anymore but if they had these shows they would. Sarcasm, Comedy, a perfect mix. Waiting for your permission to load the comments. It would also feature Kenny Layne, the kid who had his hair cut similar to Cool Doctor Money. "Zero, one, two, three, sure looks like a weave to me. Stefan J. Wernli graduated from the Harvard University, majoring in Computer Science and Physics and now works as a Software Development Engineer with Microsoft. Arthur Reggie III was born on July 26, 1983 in Compton, California, USA. Check out our picks for family friendly movies movies that transcend all ages. They let Melanie, Alfie and Dee-Dee along with their friends know their disappointment. 04 January 2018 6:00 AM PDT Donnell announces that he is going to have a "cool" birthday party with dancing and all. He will agree if Alfie gives up his Kendall Gill jersey and Dee-Dee must give up the hat. Native english is a Germanic Language as is it differs from the Romance Languages ... New Theory Magazine is an online platform for forward thinkers. My Brother and Me; Created by: Ilunga Adell Calvin Brown, Jr. At the carnival, Dee-Dee is seen helping Mrs. Pickney and his friends run the autograph booth. This leaves Melanie and Jennifer to run the booth. (Gill was a member of the Seattle SuperSonics at the time.). Aisling Sistrunk as Melanie Parker: Alfie and Dee-Dee's older sister and the object of Goo's affections, however she is repulsed by him. These days, shows don't have what this show, Rocko's modern life, aaaahhh real monsters, salute your shorts, and ren and stimpy have. | something is just missing in the new shows. Amanda has been the CEO of DivaWorks Inc. for more than two decades and as part of her work, produces many comedy shows and performs in them as well. He is now a rap artist and goes by the name “Showbizness.” He has released two mixtapes, Purple Heart and Da Show Must Go On. It's up to Alfie and Goo to convince Dee-Dee to come home. They pay the two older boys by throwing pies in their faces and leaving them to face Mrs. Pickney's wrath for making a mess in her comic book store's carpet. Alfie’s baby brother gave up acting after My Brother and Me wrapped up and concentrated on academics. Guess what he looks like now! For even more, visit our Family Entertainment Guide. Jim Coleman’s acting career really took off after playing Roger Parker in My Brother and Me. He landed roles in TV shows (Sheena, SeaQuest, Saved by the Light, ER, Law & Order, Burn Notice, and SVU/Criminal Intent) and several movies (The Walking Dead, Prime of Your Life, Ace Ventura 3, American Gangster, Palmetto, and Olive Juice). Dee-Dee is convinced to make up with Donnell and Harry, while Goo is angry over Alfie's slip up in mentioning his involvement in accidentally breaking the window in the school's gym. Others like Ralph Woolfolk IV and Stefan Wernli are making a difference to people’s lives in other ways. [2] All of the My Brother and Me episodes can be found on iTunes. They came to find out, it was a girl that was bullying him and that she is the younger sister to their classmates, Toya and Trisha. when he gets into trouble with his parents. He also has a habit of telling boring stories about his childhood and his older brother Lawrence (Melanie, Alfie and Dee-Dee's uncle) to his family, which they often run away from.   |  © Copyright 2016 New Theory Magazine. Dee-Dee asks Alfie to teach him how to fight, but when that seems hopeless, Goo teaches him how to bluff. The evolution of thought often begins with a New Theory. The Water Cooler: The World’s Most Adorable Reality Show, Los Angeles’ The Broad Museum, and Being Late to the Party on a Great Podcast, 10 August 2017 All the people were always sarcastic and yet it seemed like a normal family with the quarreling siblings, the crazy friends, and a story telling dad. It's implied that Harry's dad is this. Goo's uncle agrees to front them candy bars to sell. Anyone remember this short-lived Nickelodeon show? He is nice to Dee-Dee and Dionne, but is very rude to Melanie, prefers to be called by his real name Milton, calls Alfie and Dee-Dee by their real names Alfred and Derek and wants to do homework on the weekend. Alfie and Goo must work the dunking booth wearing monster masks as part of their punishment. He is now a rap artist and goes by the name “Showbizness.” He has released two mixtapes, Purple Heart and Da Show Must Go On. . Ralph Woolfolk IV as Derek "Dee-Dee" Parker: Alfie and Melanie's youngest brother. It is a typical Slice of Life show, with the main conflicts being Alfie and Goo's struggle with Dee Dee and his friends, Goo's unrequited love for Melanie and disdain for her friend Deonne, and the brothers' attempts to keep out of trouble with their parents. Anyone remember this short-lived Nickelodeon show? It's phony. 5 Podcasts That You Absolutely Need to Listen to In 2018, 24 August 2017 My Brother and Me is a Kid Com that aired for only one season on Nickelodeon from 1994 to 1995. Comedy, Family. He turns 9 in "Dance". He also apologizes disobeying both him and Jennifer by getting the haircut, realizing just how inappropriate the cut was for someone his age. Soon, Alfie and Goo get into one of their own, which the teachers break up the fight. This includes explaining their behavior to Miss Honeycutt when she was presenting the award. Betrayed, Dee-Dee ends his friendship with Donnell and Harry. Another common catchphrase would occur when Dee-Dee would interrupt Goo in whatever story he was telling, and promptly after Goo telling Dee-Dee off, he would say, "Now as I was saying, before I was so rudely interrupted...." and would continue onward with his story. After the end credits: "My Brother & Me was taped at Nickelodeon Studios, at Universal Studios, Florida", said by Ralph Woolfolk's voiceover. Learn how and when to remove these template messages, Learn how and when to remove this template message, My Brother and Me Actor Attends Morehouse: Tells What Happened To Show,,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. The series starred Arthur Reggie III as pre-teen son Alfie, Ralph Woolfolk IV as his younger brother Dee-Dee, Aisling Sistrunk as older sister Melanie, Karen E. Fraction as mother Jennifer Parker, Jim R. Coleman as father Roger Parker, and Jimmy Lee Newman, Jr. as Alfie's troublesome best friend, Milton "Goo" Berry. © 2020 EHM PRODUCTIONS,INC. She hosted Breakfast @ Diva’s for Sirius Satellite Radio and now hosts Best Week Ever, a weekly pop culture show. Roger has a habit of telling his life stories, and the family will run off so they won't hear them: Deonne's tendency to over-exaggerate the potential consequences of anything, usually involving her boyfriend "Tim". TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); VH1 (088). For example, he once did Harry's math homework for him... and failed it. Alfie's best friend is Milton "Goo" Berry, an Ace who often tries to sweet-talk the uninterested Melanie. Alfie’s baby brother gave up acting after My Brother and Me wrapped up and concentrated on academics. /*.

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