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And in an instant, fans of the combat sports were transported back to the glory days when everyone was talking about "the kick of the '80s. So, what would you say is your proudest accomplishment so far? You definitely have to have speed as a skillset and you also need a certain set of combinations that you’re really proficient at. It’s a technique I really like because it goes straight from your hip into the opponent. Jul 6, 2015 - Bill Wallace, aka Superfoot, is the guest on this episode of whistlekick Martial Arts Radio. Spoiler alert! In large Warrior: Season 2 — Interview with Joe Taslim. Rorion Gracie called me up and asked me to do it because of my kickboxing background, and he also knew I was familiar with a lot of the grappling techniques that his brother Royce would be using because of my Judo and wrestling background, so he thought I’d make a great commentator for the event. In the eyes of many, this commitment by Jean-Yves Theriault to give back to his community illustrated why they consider "The Iceman" to have been transformed into "The Niceman. She won a $2,000 prize that night and immediately donated the money back to the organizers so it could go to the Make-a-Wish Foundation. After John Curatolo advanced to the seeded bracket on Friday night, it was time for the stars to shine in the main event. Is it mostly martial arts and flexibility, or do you do weight training, as well? In 1974 Wallace made the leap into full contact and won a title at the first PKA World Championship, held in Los Angeles. A pioneer in the sport, he began his martial arts career as a Karate point-fighter. “He was doing it more like a spinning outside crescent kick turning his shoulder first so I told him with the spinning hook kick you have to turn your hips first. What can you share about the experience of training ‘The King of Pop’? Fighting in that era demonstrated a wealth of good techniques thrown with control, he said. Outstanding. His two daughters were ringside, where they worked the crowd into a frenzy, shouting, "Just like old times, Dad! You need to have both speed techniques and power techniques. The Editor. That’s how you gain and increase your flexibility. “Enter the Dragon” was so fantastic because Bruce was doing things that nobody had ever seen before. This brand-new concept was put to the test with the wild card bracket. When the exhibition ended, spectators rose to their feet. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The accident caused him to switch from judo to karate. Over the course of his 15-year reign as a full-contact world champion, Theriault amassed a record of 23 title defenses and 61 knockouts. Okay! In the martial arts, we voluntarily subject ourselves to conflict in a training environment so we can transcend conflict in the real world. in a street fight, Harrison rose to prominence in what became known As a coach he trained a number of (laughs) Because I was champion at the time, everyone was trying to knock me out, so I constantly had to be prepared for everybody I faced in the ring. Jim “Ronin” He didn’t spar too much, because with his career, he just couldn’t take a chance on getting hurt, so we mainly focused on the self-defense side of training.


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