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Viking Books for Young Readers (June 6, 2017). A vet arrived and gave the horse a shot. In 1985, at age 14, summer vacation meant living with Dad in Vermont, whom I did not see during the school year because of my parents’ divorce. Middlesex starts when the Stephanides are forced out of Turkey and move to the US, and it finishes as a coming-of-age story when one of the granddaughters of the first immigrants uncover an incredible family secret. A winch lifted the horse high, then slowly lowered the body into the hole. 9 movies filmed in Hawaii that will make you want to travel there, Americans are rushing to buy a second passport, and here’s what it takes, Une publication partagée par Ryan Todd (@_ryan_todd_), Une publication partagée par @thebookpirate, Une publication partagée par C A R O L Y N (@carolyn.reads), Une publication partagée par Kenneth Loosli (@kenny_lagers_library), Une publication partagée par Kevin Teichroeb (@kevin.teichroeb), How to travel if you enjoy reading books more than actually traveling, The Ultimate Summer Adventure: Alberta, Canada, Summer like no other in Minneapolis Northwest, Welcome to Dickson Street, Fayetteville, Arkansas. ☝️, Awesome, You’re All Set! Buy E-Book. It takes place by the seaside, which is where I was, and the main character was a girl my age during WWII. It is unlikely, but not impossible that you have never been smuggled across the Mexican border in a sealed water tanker — and been left stranded in the American desert. If you're missing your faraway besties right now, this book on the power of friendship might inspire you to give them a call. They decide to burst through their writers' block by trading manuscripts. My husband had brought Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer on our Hawaiian honeymoon, and I reluctantly read it after I had finished the books I’d packed—my husband is nonfiction, and I’m a novel reader. This photographer took an illegal tour of Chernobyl. everyone). Their interconnected stories will make you want to call your own female friends. —Dawn Raffel, Features Editor, Over twenty years ago, on a rainy day in our rented Martha’s Vineyard farmhouse, I opened Marcel Proust’s Remembrance of Things Past and was instantly distracted by a commotion at the riding camp next door. But when he pops back up in the Hamptons years later, the web of lies Lucie weaves between her fiancé, George, and high society, well. Every book list should include at least one satire, and Matthew Klam’s "Who Is Rich?" Good Housekeeping participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. While this friendship blossoms, Graham begins to wonder about his decision-making and the possibility of loving two completely different people. Curtis Sittenfeld We listened to audiobooks during our two-day, 18-hour drive and laughed all the way through Ohio and Indiana. If you can't get on a cruise this summer, let yourself be whisked away with Charlotte Perkins, the winner of an essay contest to win a Mediterranean cruise, and her adult children who she drags along with her. Before long, Edie forges bonds with Eric’s wife and their adopted Black daughter, and she finds herself increasingly enmeshed with Eric’s family. Now enter Ambrose, a serial dater used to getting what he wants when it comes to women. A delight from start to finish. After they finally go public with their relationship, the scrutiny puts it to the test. This tale of modern love is accented with other characters (colleagues, students, neighbors) who add immense value and depth to Goodman’s latest work of art. Want to know the rest of our top picks for summer 2020? Few writers could make it work. A sleepy summer town, a star reporter who returns to a small-town newspaper, and a juicy scandal — this one has all the makings of a beach bag classic. To his surprise, one of them is Jake, a presidential candidate’s husband. Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Tear through all of these beach reads by Labor Day. That doesn't mean you have to settle for nursing vacation envy while you scroll through your Instagram feed. If you're all in on the Wedding Date series, you can't miss this next installment. Not the End of the Word tells the stories of people (who are all related in some ways) whose lives are changing dramatically and whose “worlds” are ending. This post-pandemic (yes, that again) story suggests it just might not be. Elin Hilderbrand is the godmother of beach reads for a reason: Her books always take readers away on a mental vacation. Come for the tear-jerking family scenes, stay for the twist all the way at the end.


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