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Balto, a young wolfdog, lives in rural Nome with his adoptive uncle (a snow goose named Boris) and two polar bears, Muk and Luk. Balto all parts and their release date. He sped through the center of town almost hitting several people. Add to Favourites. Balto looked between the two bears inquiringly. A wet Balto fell into a big chunk of ice and floated away. Ceci étant dit, pas de Balto 4. "I thought I was done with dreams..." Balto muttered covering his eyes with his paws. Moderator/admin can lock the topic... ANY original character from the first movie can, and several have It will be the first installment in the franchise to be released since 2004's Balto III: Wings of Change. J'explique à l'aide des deux raisons les plus importantes; Les films ''Balto'' n'ont pas eu assez de succès pour que Universal investisse dans une suite. A wet Balto fell into the river, but Aleu and Maria saved him. Baron Wilson of Tillyorn dubs as Rosie, Jenna's owner.Ñ. Jenna accepted Steele's apology and she remarried Steele. Balto moaned. It's okay, but the story line is alot like the third movie, someone on youtube thought that balto would travel with anui. Balto est un chien-loup (moitié loup, moitié husky) habitant près de la ville de Nome en Alaska. He probally wouldn't sabatoge the sled! Balto cocked his head to the side. He probally wouldn't set up a The story covers the lives of the 4 remaining pups of Balto and Jenna 2. Love the idea of Steele returning to race and possibly show up Balto Il n'y a pas de Balto 4 et il n'y en aura sans doute jamais. The role as elderly Rosy's granddaughter's husky, Blaze, was played by two light red blue-eyed Siberian Huskies. Balto was walking in the forest when he met Allias, the most dangerous animal in Nom. De plus, la compagnie a cessé la production de films d'animation traditionnelle et ou de suites à petit budjet. been, drawn and animated in the style of the two sequels, Prophetic. Matilda 2: Revenge of the Trunchbull (2020 film), The Lion King II: Simba's Pride (2022 Film). "What do you two have against a good nights sleep, huh?". We prepared not big reviews of all parts of the cartoon for those who knew about it just now. thought he should go on a big journey withjenna she hasnt really got a In the film, it is transported in a large square crate. I like your new character Annie. [15] Its release was vastly overshadowed by the release of Disney•Pixar's Toy Story, which premiered a month earlier.[16]. Un jour, en ville, une course de traîneaux est organisée. Balto eventually finds the team, but Steele refuses his help and attacks Balto, only to fall off a cliff. An idea for a sequel to Balto 3 - I got a great idea for a Balto 4 movie. Hello! Balto is a 1995 British-American live-action/animated adventure film directed by Simon Wells, produced by Amblin Entertainment and distributed by Universal Pictures. Balto went to Nom to tell his family and friends about Allias. It's...uh...uh...urgent." Also more of Balto and Jenna being toghether Furious at Steele, Balto decides to race him and beat him. "[18] Film critic Roger Ebert gave the film a positive review, describing the film as "a kids' movie, simply told, with lots of excitement and characters you can care about" and praised every thrilling scene.[19]. Le Balto Restaurant 4 route Nationale 14 27420 Richeville. In the sequels, Balto became a proud father with Jenna and they had a litter of puppies who grew up and moved on with their lives, but in reality, Balto was neutered at 6 months of age, and thus, he never sired a litter. Energie : Sociabilité : Joueur : Intelligent : vous serez d’abord surpris par sa sérénité qui lui permet de rester seul sans tout détruire autour de lui. I don't think it's likely or even desirable to put Steele in a sequel. Balto was released on VHS and Laserdisc on April 2, 1996, by MCA/Universal Home Video in North America and CIC Video internationally. Adagio told him that Balto is in the swamp, but Allias thinks Balto is at the swamp. The first sequel, Balto II: Wolf Quest, was released in 2002 and follows the adventures of one of Balto and Jenna's pups, Aleu, who sets off to discover her wolf heritage. By DarthGoldstar710 Watch. Idea Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. I have a problem with a glitch. sat. Chapter 8: Playing Around - - - - - Meanwhile, in Nome, Aleu was already settling into her home. The fire spread throughout the forest trapping a pack of wolves in it's center. The statue of Balto stands proudly in the sunlight. 4. One evening, all the children, including Rosy, contract diphtheria and the doctor has no antitoxin. No, it's not foolish to say OK idea 4 a balto 4, but I think u need to tell how balto got I draw anime Chapter 1. Steele Balto was the third and final animated feature produced by Steven Spielberg's UK-based Amblimation studio. Il est rejeté par les humains et par les chiens de la ville, notamment à cause de son héritage de loup. The film ranked 15th on its opening weekend and earned $1.5 million from a total of 1,427 theaters. [8] Although most of the film's animation was hand-drawn, the animators used Toonz to improve the graphics, and also created the snowstorms using an early CGI particle animation system. Ok, Captain, the post's dead. We're not, no are we Luk?" make balto's mom tell him that he has a sister that would be Your review has been posted. It will be the first installment in the franchise to be released since 2004's Balto III: Wings of Change. Leung Chun-ying dubs as Boris, a Russian snow goose and Balto's caretaker and sidekick. Oxygen!" They realise that Steele will probably try to cheat to win. Meanwhile, in the forest a sabre tooth named Allias gets revenge on Balto after humiliating him. It's leader looked up in desperation trying to find a way out, when suddenly a large tree started falling right above them. Good idea. Tung Chee-hwa dubs as Francis, a white yeti. Celebrating 15 Years of Excellence and Ingenuity, Nickelodeon vs. Disney: Ultimate All-Stars, Omega groudon’s alterd scenes of most Anime H Word, The Danger Rangers Search for Sully's Family Treasures/Transcript,, Yui Horie/Alexa Tipton as Tsubasa Hanekawa, Chiwa Saito/Stephanie Sheh as Senjougahara, Hiroshi Kamiya/Johnny Yong Bosch as Byakuran. The film stars Kevin Bacon, Bridget Fonda, Jim Cummings, Phil Collins (in a dual role) and Bob Hoskins, with Miriam Margolyes in the live-action sequences. Balto hitted Jenna on purpose and left. As they seat themselves for a rest, the woman tells her granddaughter a story about Nome, Alaska 70 years earlier in the winter of 1925, shifting the film from live-action to animation. Adagio looked at her babies while Allias left. Agrandir la carte. Learn more... Close X. Dingo was grinning like a lunatic, his head resting on her shoulder as he stared down at six little bodies. Then, in one of Steele traps before the race, kodi, Balto's son gets injured and can't race. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. "Sure is great to be home." Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor dubs as Balto, an adult male husky. Il est célèbre pour sa participation à la course au sérum de 1925, à Nome (Alaska), pendant laquelle un médicament anti-diphtérique dut être transporté d' Anchorage à Nome par chemins de fer puis par traîneaux à chiens pour combattre une épidémie de cette maladie. He is often bullied by champion sled dog Steele, a fierce and arrogant Malamute, who also likes Jenna. Aniu first appeared in Balto, as an hallucination serving to remind him of his wolf heritage after he had fallen down a cliff and given up all hope. What's-". Aleu and her friend Maria were attacked by Allias who tried to eat Maria, but Aleu saved her. 1995 American film directed by Simon Wells, This article is about the 1995 animated film.


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