copa sudamericana 2019

The 2019 Copa Sudamericana Final was the final match to decide the winner of the 2019 Copa Sudamericana, the 18th edition of the Copa Sudamericana, South America's secondary international club football tournament organized by CONMEBOL.[2]. Aggregate: 2-5.¬~AA÷zJ8XlDAH¬AD÷1582677000¬ADE÷1582677000¬AB÷3¬CR÷3¬AC÷3¬CX÷Sport Huancayo (Per)¬ER÷1/32-finals¬RW÷0¬AX÷1¬AO÷1582683733¬BX÷-1¬WQ÷¬WN÷ARG¬AF÷Argentinos Jrs (Arg)¬JB÷UcI5QxA3¬WV÷argentinos-jrs¬AS÷0¬AZ÷0¬GRB÷0¬AH÷0¬BB÷0¬BD÷0¬WM÷SPO¬AE÷Sport Huancayo (Per)¬JA÷8lH9PdP9¬WU÷sport-huancayo¬AS÷0¬AZ÷0¬BY÷1¬GRA÷0¬AG÷0¬BA÷0¬BC÷0¬AM÷1st leg result: 1-1. offers Copa Sudamericana 2019 results, standings and match details. Το Cash Out (Κλείσιμο Στοιχήματος) της bet365 σας δίνει περισσότερο έλεγχο στα στοιχήματά σας και σας προσφέρει τη δυνατότητα να λαμβάνετε μία επιστροφή πριν το τέλος του γεγονότος. Para nuestra organización la información es un activo estratégico que cobra valor cuando es compartida con sus grupos de interés y toda la comunidad internacional.

In 2016, Brazilian side Chapecoense suffered a heartbreaking airplane crash en route to the final, claiming the lives of 71 people in total, including almost the entire first team and managerial staff.

Aggregate: 2-3.¬~AA÷MPDpdkZs¬AD÷1582755300¬ADE÷1582755300¬AB÷3¬CR÷3¬AC÷3¬CX÷Liverpool M. (Uru)¬ER÷1/32-finals¬RW÷0¬AX÷1¬AO÷1582762028¬BX÷-1¬WQ÷¬WM÷LIV¬AE÷Liverpool M. (Uru)¬JA÷l2Xu1Gso¬WU÷liverpool-m¬AS÷1¬AZ÷1¬BY÷1¬GRA÷0¬AG÷5¬BA÷2¬BC÷3¬WN÷LLA¬AF÷Llaneros (Ven)¬JB÷CttE5dZT¬WV÷llaneros¬GRB÷0¬AH÷0¬BB÷0¬BD÷0¬AM÷1st leg result: 2-0. 08/11/2019 . [18][19] After changing the dates of the 2019 Copa América, the Brazilian Football Confederation released on 3 October 2018 its calendar for the following year, with new dates for the Copa Sudamericana. If still tied, extra time would not be played, and a penalty shoot-out would be used to determine the winner (Regulations Article 27).[1]. Preview: Independiente del Valle & Colón Square off in Sudamericana Final. If tied on aggregate, the away goals rule would be used.

The tournament was also home to one of the saddest tragedies in football history. Starting from the round of 16, the teams play a single-elimination tournament with the following rules:[1], Starting from the round of 16, the teams are seeded according to the second stage draw, with each team assigned a "seed" 1–16 corresponding to the tie they win (O1–O16) (Regulations Article 22.c).[1]. Min odds, bet and payment method exclusions apply. Maximum of three substitutions, with a fourth allowed in extra time. Catolica (Ecu)¬ER÷1/32-finals¬RW÷0¬AX÷1¬AO÷1582770296¬BX÷-1¬WQ÷¬WM÷CAT¬AE÷U. [1], Ecuadorian club Independiente del Valle defeated Argentine club Colón by a 3–1 score in the final to win their first tournament title.

2019. Emerson de Carvalho (Brazil) They would also have played the winners of the 2019 J.League Cup in the 2020 J.League Cup / Copa Sudamericana Championship, but it would not be held due to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics held at the same time. SA÷1¬~ZA÷SOUTH AMERICA: Copa Sudamericana¬ZEE÷EwJVdqzn¬ZB÷3¬ZY÷South America¬ZC÷zPsHmhLI¬ZD÷p¬ZE÷nsWjRalo¬ZF÷0¬ZO÷0¬ZG÷2¬ZH÷3_EwJVdqzn¬ZJ÷2¬ZL÷/soccer/south-america/copa-sudamericana/¬ZX÷04South Americ013merica0020000000001000Copa Sudamer017ricana000¬ZCC÷0¬ZAF÷South America¬~AA÷SliS871j¬AD÷1582849800¬ADE÷1582849800¬AB÷3¬CR÷3¬AC÷3¬CX÷A. Μπορείτε να δείτε σπορ ζωντανά στο κινητό, στην ταμπλέτα ή τον υπολογιστή σας, συμπεριλαμβάνοντας Ποδόσφαιρο, Τένις και Μπάσκετ.

The schedule of the competition is as follows.

Boca Juniors, River Plate, Independiente, Arsenal, Internacional, and Sao Paulo are just a few of the teams to enjoy success in this competition.

The final was contested in a single match format between Ecuadorian team Independiente del Valle and Argentinian team Colón, at the Estadio General Pablo Rojas in Asunción, Paraguay on 9 November 2019. The 16 teams that emerge from this round enter the final stages.

Terms & Conditions apply.

Het toernooi zal plaats vinden van 5 februari 2019 tot en met 9 november 2019. [4], On 14 August 2018, CONMEBOL decided that starting from the 2019 edition, the final would be played as a single match, and although it was originally stated that the final would be played in Lima, Peru at the Estadio Nacional,[5] on 9 May 2019 the confederation's Council decided to switch the venue to Estadio Defensores del Chaco in Asunción, Paraguay.

Όταν αυτή η λειτουργία είναι διαθέσιμη, μπορείτε να κάνετε Cash Out ένα στοίχημα εις ολόκληρον ή μερικώς, αφήνοντας το υπόλοιπο του πονταρίσματός σας να εξελιχθεί. The Copa Sudamericana has been blessed by the presence of some of South America’s biggest clubs.

Seguir a @CONMEBOL !function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0],p=/^http:/.test(d.location)? del Valle (Ecu)¬JB÷OW8gDuon¬WV÷independiente-del-valle¬GRB÷0¬AH÷1¬BB÷0¬BD÷1¬WM÷IND¬AE÷Independiente (Arg)¬JA÷ptAkELVu¬WU÷independiente¬AS÷1¬AZ÷1¬GRA÷0¬AG÷2¬BA÷0¬BC÷2¬AW÷1¬~. Bet Credits risk excluded from returns.

The final was played as a single match at a venue pre-selected by CONMEBOL, with the higher-seeded team designated as the "home" team for administrative purposes (Regulations Article 25). The 32 teams were drawn into 16 ties (O1–O16) between a team from Pot 1 and a team from Pot 2, with the teams from Pot 1 hosting the second leg. Italiano (Chi)¬ER÷1/32-finals¬RW÷0¬AX÷1¬AO÷1582856702¬BX÷-1¬WQ÷¬WN÷CUS¬AF÷Cusco (Per)¬JB÷MeqVgazI¬WV÷cusco¬GRB÷0¬AH÷0¬BB÷0¬BD÷0¬WM÷ITA¬AE÷A. Time limits and T&Cs apply. 18+, Cash Out (Κλείσιμο Στοιχήματος) της bet365. Bet Credits available for use upon settlement of bets to value of qualifying deposit. 1st Round; 2nd Round; Final Stages; CONMEBOL Recopa; Sudamericano U20; Sudamericano U17; South American Youth Games; CONMEBOL Libertadores U20; Copa … The winner of this competition is rewarded with a spot in three different tournaments. CONMEBOL Copa América Argentina - Colombia 2021 > Independiente del Valle defeated Colón by a 3–1 score to win their first Copa Sudamericana title. Their opponent Atlético Nacional conceded the tie and requested Chapecoense be awarded the title, which they later were. Video assistant referee:

del Valle (Ecu)¬JA÷Ig8cCa0h¬WU÷independiente-del-valle¬AS÷1¬AZ÷1¬BY÷1¬GRA÷0¬AG÷1¬BA÷0¬BC÷1¬AM÷1st leg result: 1-2. Table Copa Sudamericana, next and last matches with results. Assistant referees:[1] The 2019 Copa CONMEBOL Sudamericana was the 18th edition of the CONMEBOL Sudamericana (also referred to as the Copa Sudamericana, or Portuguese: Copa Sul-Americana), South America's secondary club football tournament organized by CONMEBOL. del Valle (Ecu)¬JA÷t0PeSYh3¬WU÷independiente-del-valle¬AS÷1¬AZ÷1¬BY÷2¬GRA÷0¬AG÷3¬BA÷2¬BC÷1¬WN÷COL¬AF÷Colon Santa FE (Arg)¬JB÷29QiTEwc¬WV÷colon-santa-fe¬GRB÷0¬AH÷1¬BB÷0¬BD÷1¬AW÷1¬~AA÷6HkweBVA¬AD÷1569544200¬ADE÷1569544200¬AB÷3¬CR÷3¬AC÷11¬CX÷Atletico-MG (Bra)¬ER÷Semi-finals¬RW÷0¬AX÷1¬AO÷1569552158¬BX÷-1¬WQ÷¬WN÷COL¬AF÷Colon Santa FE (Arg)¬JB÷pCKEWqHJ¬WV÷colon-santa-fe¬AS÷0¬BZ÷1¬GRB÷0¬AH÷2¬AU÷1¬BB÷0¬BD÷1¬WM÷ATL¬AE÷Atletico-MG (Bra)¬JA÷r7tW70vJ¬WU÷atletico-mg¬AS÷0¬AZ÷1¬GRA÷0¬AG÷2¬AT÷2¬BA÷1¬BC÷1¬AM÷1st leg result: 1-2.

Copyright © 2021. Danilo Manis (Brazil) Besides Copa Sudamericana scores you can follow 1000+ football competitions from 90+ countries around the world on 18+, Make a qualifying deposit (min $10), place bets to deposit value, once they are settled, matched amount in Bet Credits available to use. Aggregate: 3-4.¬AW÷1¬~AA÷KAKkeFh6¬AD÷1569457800¬ADE÷1569457800¬AB÷3¬CR÷3¬AC÷3¬CX÷Ind. Finally, they secure a showdown with the J.League Cup winner in the intercontinental J.League Cup / Copa Sudamericana Championship. This tournament was created in 2002, replacing the Copa Merconorte and Copa Mercosur trophies. 'http':'https';if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);;js.src=p+'://';fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document, 'script', 'twitter-wjs'); Copyright © 2020. Copa Sudamericana 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 Ausspielung des nach der Copa Libertadores zweitwichtigsten südamerikanischen Fußballwettbewerbs für Vereinsmannschaften. Returns exclude Bet Credits stake.

Returns exclude Bet Credits stake. Aggregate: 3-1.¬~AA÷zXm63CPA¬AD÷1582245000¬ADE÷1582245000¬AB÷3¬CR÷3¬AC÷3¬CX÷Atletico-MG (Bra)¬ER÷1/32-finals¬RW÷0¬AX÷1¬AO÷1582251799¬BX÷-1¬WQ÷¬WM÷ATL¬AE÷Atletico-MG (Bra)¬JA÷8EnyTVV1¬WU÷atletico-mg¬AS÷1¬AZ÷1¬GRA÷0¬AG÷2¬BA÷2¬BC÷0¬WN÷UNI¬AF÷Union de Santa Fe (Arg)¬JB÷UNmXTBGe¬WV÷union-de-santa-fe¬BZ÷1¬GRB÷0¬AH÷0¬BB÷0¬BD÷0¬AM÷1st leg result: 0-3. Aggregate: 5-0.¬~, The notifications are blocked by the browser. If tied on aggregate, the away goals rule will be used. 18+, New Customers only. [21][22][23] For the first stage, the teams were divided into two pots according to their geographical zones:[24][25]. Aggregate: 1-2.¬~AA÷I9jeKfkn¬AD÷1582236900¬ADE÷1582236900¬AB÷3¬CR÷3¬AC÷3¬CX÷Emelec (Ecu)¬ER÷1/32-finals¬RW÷0¬AX÷1¬AO÷1582243580¬BX÷-1¬WQ÷¬WM÷EME¬AE÷Emelec (Ecu)¬JA÷0rzfdwNb¬WU÷emelec¬AS÷1¬AZ÷1¬BY÷1¬GRA÷0¬AG÷2¬BA÷1¬BC÷1¬WN÷BLO¬AF÷Blooming (Bol)¬JB÷nuWkcJ7h¬WV÷blooming¬GRB÷0¬AH÷0¬BB÷0¬BD÷0¬AM÷1st leg result: 3-0. Copa América Futsal ; Sudamericano de clubes Futsal ... Situaciones de análisis VAR - Final Única - CONMEBOL Sudamericana 2019. The team boasting the highest seeding number hosts the return leg. The Copa Sudamericana is the second most relevant club competition in South America.

Aggregate: 1-1.¬~AA÷YRFWJX9i¬AD÷1582668900¬ADE÷1582668900¬AB÷3¬CR÷3¬AC÷3¬CX÷River Plate (Uru)¬ER÷1/32-finals¬RW÷0¬AX÷1¬AO÷1582675617¬BX÷-1¬WQ÷¬WM÷RIV¬AE÷River Plate (Uru)¬JA÷C2X13C7E¬WU÷river-plate¬AS÷1¬AZ÷1¬BY÷1¬GRA÷0¬AG÷1¬BA÷1¬BC÷0¬WN÷GRA¬AF÷Grau (Per)¬JB÷YBYc4hh8¬WV÷atletico-grau¬AK÷1¬GRB÷0¬AH÷0¬BB÷0¬BD÷0¬AM÷1st leg result: 2-1. Se aplican las condiciones, límites de tiempo y exclusiones. The bracket was decided based on the second stage draw, which was held on 13 May 2019. [3], On 14 August 2018, CONMEBOL decided that starting from the 2019 edition, the final will be played as a single match, and although it was originally stated that the final would be played in Lima, Peru at the Estadio Nacional,[4] on 9 May 2019 the confederation's Council decided to switch the venue to Estadio Defensores del Chaco in Asunción, Paraguay. Plan your week ahead and don't miss a game of your favorite team! Acompanhe a classificação e os jogos da Copa sul-americana, e as notícias sobre a Copa sul-americana no


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