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So please unlock the Eurodance Encyclopaedia on your AdBlock-like software or consider making a donation, EuroDance producer With a unique loyalty program, the Hungama rewards you for predefined action on our platform. Daniele Davoli Company Director Profile. Submit or click Cancel to register with another email ID. Hitting < pauses the slideshow and goes back. The email you used to create your account. Related . Ex: myspace.com/. We have received your winning story. Born in northern Italy, Daniele started DJing at the infamous club Starlight in his hometown of Bologna. I hear you were repaying producer Steve Evansson back for his remix of Ride On Time that he did a few of years back as part of the 20th Anniversary? Input is not an international phone number! List of companies where Daniele Davoli holds appointments. Daniele Davoli was born in January 1964 in Italy. We have receieved your request. “Well.. my absolute hero, my man of the century is: Thom Yorke, I also seriously love Noisia from Holland…, I also have a long lasting admiration for, James Lavelle and the Chemical Brothers.”, “Every season I have my favourite greatest record, but I recall the days(1990-92) when I started playing in London for the Mad Cats parties (at improvised venues like photo studios or hired pubs) and I use to finish my sets with, – ‘The Ghetto’…man everyone was going crazy!!”. “Well.. my absolute hero, my man of the century is: Thom Yorke, I also seriously love Noisia from Holland…I also have a long lasting admiration for James Lavelle and the Chemical Brothers.”, “Oh well…stupid as those cars I actually don’t drive them…I ride a scooter or a bicycle these days. In 1997 Daniele took time off from the music scene due to exhaustion. We received the acapella on a DAT and had to replace it within 24 hours…I understood from the statements that the new singer was paid a royalty as well, because BMG deducted it from our royalties. “Well…the more commercial it becomes the less creative it is. Drop music and videos into the areas below. Help us with just a few more questions. I sing in the shower, I sing when I am driving, when I am cooking and also when I sleep – that’s why I sleep on my own”. Oakie was telling me the future of dance music lays in America back in 1998…he was so ahead of everyone else! Mr Davoli, welcome to back to DMCWORLD and massive congratulations on a wonderful remix of the new Western Disco track ‘The Sun’. You may have seen him playing at various festivals, from Snowbombing to Beachbombing, from Ibiza Rocks to Secret Garden via the Carling Reading Festival. Are you sure you want to unsubscribe? I acknowledge that I have read and accept the Terms of Use But I’m like a little boy with his toys sometimes…I’m trying to buy a Lancia Delta Evo Martini which is not a flashy expensive car, but it’s so cooooool you need to wear a coat when you get near…it won 6 Rally World Championships for 6 years in a row…”. DANIELE DAVOLI (BLACKBOX) The name Daniele Davoli will, no doubt, be familiar to you – he was one of the pioneers of the Italian House sound and had major success with BlackBox, who were responsible for one of the biggest dance tracks of all time – Ride On Time. You along with people like Sasha and Digweed were the forerunners of the European invasion – although there were pockets of greatness in the States in the 90s, it was nothing like it is today. Daniele was also the resident tour DJ on the Paul Oakenfold live tour supporting his album "Bunkka" taking in dates in Italy, Ireland, France, Greece, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Thailand and Brazil. You are not authorised arena user. Amazon.co.uk Well I was actually 4 (or so my Mum says) when she discovered that I could recognize every passing car, just by listening to the engine noise (we were living near a main road) without looking…I have to say that cars then had a very distinctive and unique sound from model to model…now there are probably only 3 or 4 engine manufacturers and they all sound the same…”. A big party coming up later this summer, you are playing at the massive Clcokwork Orange Summer In The City Of Love party in London on September 7th at Area with Danny Rampling, Graeme Park, John Kelly, Trevor Fung and a million others. Daniele has his own club brand "Rockdaworld," where you will hear him spinning a diverse mix including breaks, rock and electro tunes. Pop Charts Britannia: 60 Years of the Top 10, Black Box: Everybody Everybody (European Version), Black Box: Everybody Everybody (US Version). Agreement and consent to the Privacy Policy and Video Privacy Policy. DISCLAIMER : unless you see the artist's name among the credits of this biography, it was only created by gathering infos from the web and from fan sources. Press ESC to exit. My friend was talking so much in the back of your Mercedes you threatened to tie him up and put him in the boot of the car. We've emailed you instructions on how to reset your password. If I can compare the dance world today with the one in late 80’s, then it was very creative…there were not two records alike…now, well you got ears right Dan?”. No mean feat I'm sure you'll agree. Please try again. You can also login to Hungama Apps(Music & Movies) with your Hungama web credentials & redeem coins to download MP3/MP4 tracks. If we find matches from the people you follow on Twitter, we'll connect you to them right away. Mr Evansson is a bit of a mystery, he lives and breathes studio production and has worked with people like Goldfrapp and Robert Plant – we first heard about Western Disco earlier this year with his remix of Petula Clark no less! He is quite a diverse producer then? Praesent laoreet mollis justo id ornare. Daniele Davoli (aka DJ Lelewel) was one of the pioneers of the Italian House sound and had major success with Black Box, who were responsible for one of the biggest dance tracks of all time - Ride On Time.At one point Daniele had three tracks under three separate guises in the UK Top 10 in the same week with Black Box, Starlight (Numero Uno) and Mixmaster (Grand Piano)! His other passions, besides playing and producing records are cooking, fast cars, and politics (you would not be surprised if he runs for mayor one of these days!). Hitting the Buzz Chart numero uno with his Western Disco remix. Ads pay for the website's hosting and for the webmaster's hard work to publish daily updates. You were a firm favourite at their Ibiza adventures at Es Paradis, what do you remember from those days on the white isle – promoters Danny Gould and Andy Manston were crazy right? Daniele Davoli on Ultra DJ Management . We come to Sunday lunch at the Davoli house – what sort of artists would you play us for a nice mellow, funky Sunday afternoon…? !”, http://www.facebook.com/daniele.davoli.5203, biggest selling single of the 80s yet the controversy concerning single rumbled on and on. He also played alongside Oakie at Madonna’s massive concert at the prestigious Slane Castle in Dublin – an experience he will never forget! Please verify. Free company director check Just start typing to find music. Daniele Davoli biography was last updated Sat, January 13th 2018. Added : 14/03/2010 One of my favourite things you ever said to me was…”I sing all the time. The dates on the Heineken Thirst tour started in March taking in the rest of South America then back to Miami for the Winter Music Conference. Amazon.de The rest of the tour included Brazil, Argentina, China, KL, Japan, the US and Europe. This Email ID is already registered. Daniele’s musical talent and knowledge, often gave him a connection with the movie and advertising industry, where his songs and recordings have been used in several movies, tv programs, adverts and major events, like the opening of the American Bowl. Afficher les profils des personnes qui s’appellent Daniele Davoli. Amazon.it Amazon.com The name Daniele Davoli will, no doubt, be familiar to you – he was one of the pioneers of the Italian House sound and had major success with BlackBox, who were responsible for one of the biggest dance tracks of all time – Ride On Time. It all began with the Loleatta Holloway sample on the original which caused mayhem before you pulled in your ex-girlfriend Katrin Quinol to mime  vocals (who couldn’t speak English) before finally getting a then unknown Heather Small into do new vocals on the newly pressed ‘Massive Mix’. Despite such a hectic schedule of worldwide gigs Daniele has made the time to get in the studio and concentrate on his music. Since M-People were on our same label, I guess we can all make the connection with Heather…”. It will be featured on Winners page shortly. Numbers, dots and dashes are ok, too. Avant Black Box, ils sont entre autres à l'origine des projets Starlight (Numero uno) et The Mixmaster (Grand piano).


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