doctor sleep review
Summary: Still irrevocably scarred by the trauma he endured as a child at the Overlook, Dan Torrance has fought to find some semblance of peace. The idea that someone who learned through trauma that ghosts are real could comfort those wondering what happens after death is one that Flanagan takes seriously. (“It” managed to be both; “It Chapter Two” failed to be either.) Kind of like someone else did four decades ago. What’s going to be most controversial about “Doctor Sleep” is the final act, when, slight spoilers, Flanagan and his team find themselves in the halls of Kubrick’s film. Directed by Mike Flanagan, Doctor Sleep is an adaptation of Stephen King's novel of the same title. Though if his extrasensory abilities shine, hers blaze like stadium lights. ‘Doctor Sleep’ Review: A Duller ‘Shining’, Ewan McGregor as the grown-up Dan Torrance in “Doctor Sleep,” an adaptation of a Stephen King novel that revisits the characters of “The Shining.”. Though it may get a little heavy-handed and tonally confused in its reverence for Stanley Kubrick’s Shining in the homestretch, the vast majority of the film succeeds in using the Torrance family’s pain to tell a story of coming to terms with the past. Its slow pacing and diffuse suspense make the experience more like a book on tape than anything else, in spite of a few lively performances. The scary and powerful Doctor Sleep works best when doing its own thing rather than recreating parts of The Shining. When you purchase a ticket for an independently reviewed film through our site, we earn an affiliate commission. Rated R. Ambient evil. There are some bad sections — the gratuitously sadistic rendering of a Knot victim’s fate — and some not-bad ones. I’m in the middle. And while one can sometimes feel Flanagan struggling to satisfy both King and Kubrick fans when he really should be trusting his own vision, he’s talented enough to pull off this difficult blend of legacies. Flanagan was tasked with making a sequel to a film that stays loyal to a book that ignores the changes made in the first movie. Connecting the Rose and Dan arcs is the character of Abra Stone (newcomer Kyliegh Curran), who is so powerful that she literally draws the attention of the True Knot and finds a way to psychically communicate with Dan. The idea that there are forces in this world that thrive off pain and misery, selfishly living off the greatness found within others, is a very King creation, and Flanagan doesn’t shy away from the grisliness here. He remembers a dad (Henry Thomas) with darting Jack Nicholson eyebrows and a mother (Alex Essoe) with Shelley Duvall saucer eyes. He makes major changes to the source material and comes out illustrating again what a confident, interesting filmmaker he can be. In one of the film’s most disturbing scenes, the True Knot kidnaps a boy (Jacob Tremblay) and brutally murders him—after all, torture makes the steam he releases that much sweeter. It has some horror elements, but it plays … But after seeing Doctor Sleep, the decision makes sense because Mike Flanagan ’s adaptation of Stephen King ’s novel isn’t really a horror movie. Flanagan and his team wisely don’t choose to visually emulate “The Shining” for most of “Doctor Sleep,” producing a film that looks a lot more like an episode of “Hill House” than the Kubrick original. That narrative breathing room gives Doctor Sleep a lot of opportunities to do its own thing and when it’s forging its own path, the movie rarely falters. Rose the Hat (Rebecca Ferguson) leads a roving group of powerful creatures who aren’t exactly invulnerable but have found a way to be immortal. Her take on Rose the Hat turns a thin character on the page into a great villain, someone who uses her good looks and charisma to disguise her evil intentions. Rated R The new film, depending on how you look at it, is a sequel, an update, a corrective or a disaster. review of another edition (Disclosure: I used to work at Stephen King's publisher and read Doctor Sleep in December 2012.) And ever. The best thing about Flanagan’s film by some stretch is the work by Rebecca Ferguson. “Doctor Sleep” is a not a Stephen-King-scares-the-pants-off-you kind of movie. Mike Flanagan’s “Doctor Sleep” connects the visions of Stephen King and Stanley Kubrick with his own style, made most popular in Netflix’s “The Haunting of Hill House.” It is an often effective blend of the three as it’s forced to pay more homage to Kubrick’s vision than King was in his book, which served purely as a sequel to a novel that the filmmaker had drastically changed when he adapted it in 1980. When he returns to the Kubrick vision, including actors playing iconic roles from the movie, it sometimes feels like “Doctor Sleep” is in a very big shadow. This screen adaptation feels like a clumsy hybrid. It’s a little too long and winding to work as a feature film, especially in the horror genre, and might have worked better as a limited series, with a little more room for the many characters who populate its grimly imagined American landscape. Doctor Sleep is a different type of horror than The Shining, but it's still a frightful and disturbing film. And ever. I think Flanagan goes back to the Kubrick well 2-3 too many times, but the changes he makes to the final third of King’s book are smart and effective. ‘Doctor Sleep’ Review: A Duller ‘Shining’ In this Stephen King adaptation, Ewan McGregor fights old and new demons. King was never a fan of Kubrick’s cold, meticulous gothic, which has nonetheless gathered a sturdy cult following. McGregor isn’t so lucky, sometimes falling victim to a source material that never really gave us much of a character, while Curran is an engaging young actress, at her best when she’s selling Abra’s understandable confidence. Il est devenu alcoolique, comme son père, et ses pouvoirs psychiques se sont amenuisés pour cette raison. Dann M Super Reviewer. He also finds a job, as an orderly in a home for the elderly, and a friend, named Billy (Cliff Curtis). He jumps a bus to New Hampshire, where he tries to find stability, joins AA, and makes a friend named Billy (Cliff Curtis), before getting a job at a hospice, where his shining power allows him to help people on the edge of death cross over. Their leader is Rose (Rebecca Ferguson), a blue-eyed seductress in a Babadook hat. Flanagan’s best work has a way of blending the emotional and the supernatural—things go bump in the hearts and minds of his characters as much as in the darkened hallways—and that makes him a good fit for a book that needed an emotional touch to work as a film. “Doctor Sleep,” Mike Flanagan’s adaptation of the novel by Stephen King, catches up with Danny Torrance, who as a child was terrorized by demons and his own father at a spooky Rocky Mountain hotel. I liked how Abra isn’t just a scared victim to be rescued by Dan. “Doctor Sleep” is often at its best when Flanagan is allowed to flourish and play away from both the source material and the Kubrick film. In print, “Doctor Sleep” runs to 531 pages, which is fairly compact by King’s recent standards. See all Audience reviews Doctor Sleep Quotes. Flanagan, while hewing more closely to the novelist’s ideas about evil, innocence and addiction, pays tribute to some of Kubrick’s visual signatures, especially in flashbacks that take grown-up Dan (as he’s called now) back to the Overlook. Alors qu'il tente de reprendre sa vie en main, sa route va croiser celle d'Abra Stone, une jeune fille qui possède le « Shining » et dont la vie est menacée par un groupe d'individus, le Nœud Vrai, dirigé par Rose « Claque » O'Hara, qui se nourrissent des pouvoirs psychiques … He twists King’s sequel into something that’s less about empowerment and more about overcoming trauma, reclaiming the darkest moments of your life. Ewan McGregor as the grown-up Dan Torrance in “Doctor Sleep… She needs help, but she also knows she’s a badass. Dan joins forces with a young girl named Abra (Kyliegh Curran, making an impressive film debut), who lives in another part of New Hampshire and who has gifts similar to his.


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