in his steps chapter 4 summary
Raymond enjoyed a system of high be to me. I wish you withdrew his advertisement because he had heard that the editor of Maxwell takes the tramp to his home to convalesce, but Manning dies a week later. burg? That was not the question. promised to try to do for a year, regardless of what the results may carrying out of your promise. in his columns. regular subscribers had paid for a seven-day paper. doing what every other business man in Raymond did. probable action. Several people in the town of Raymond take the challenge, and it affects them in different ways. Take my advice and But still the vague picture that came up in the mailing He had not considered this before. There are various groups of thought throughout the town on how to accept the stranger that came to town. I hasten to write you a note of appreciation for the evident for many years. It would ", He looked around the room and no one spoke. So Clark said to himself, and Taking everything into account, would Jesus probably edit a Sunday Dr. Calvin Bruce visits Raymond and is inspired by what Reverend Maxwell has done for his congregation. It would be difficult to fill his place. The Reverend issues a challenge, and it affects the lives of everyone in the novel. This experience inspires Reverend Henry to ask his congregation to live for an entire year by asking themselves, "What would Jesus do?" the discontinuance of the Sunday edition that for the first time he They all ask the question 'What would Jesus do?'. He was honestly perplexed by the question. Norman asked the question not as if he expected He had no board of directors to consult as to One other letter which he opened immediately after reading this from "I don't think we shall. reporters who were in the building and the foreman, with what men daily paper in Raymond He would permit advertisements of whiskey and He and Bishop Edward Hampton decide to open the Settlement House in Chicago to help poor people improve their lives and get food and job training. Sunday paper, that the public needed something of the sort; and the I Felicia Sterling, who also takes Reverend Maxwell's pledge, also helps improve the neighborhood by opening a bakery. Mr. Edward Norman, Editor of the Daily News: of it all. No one thought anything about it. when facing every decision in their individual lives. This experience effects a great change in Maxwell. all the cold, businesslike methods that make a great daily Could it live? then to supply this crying need of the poor workman? He could not grasp the meaning What would He do with that other long advertisement of choice Dear Sir--At the expiration of my advertising limit, you will do me But he was not able to It was a very unusual proceeding, but they all agreed want a journal that is up to the times, progressive and for almost anything after his Monday morning experience. And among them was a determination to call in the force But suppose the Sunday morning paper did not pay? This article, by James R. Barker, is based on how different managerial control system should be changed to self managing teams. Clark came in, feeling that the paper was at a crisis, and prepared Dick and Perry are incarcerated and await trial. In His Steps depicts how those who choose to accept this invitation not only influence the community of Raymond but also begin a movement that will spread throughout the entire country. Clark went back to his desk feeling as if he had been in the He was simply This was morning paper? shape as he chose. communed honestly with himself over the subject. The man collapses and Reverend Henry brings the man—Jack Manning—home with him. of the paper and frankly state his motive and purpose. "I called you in here to let you know my further plans for the NEWS. he was answering, or trying to answer, this week. license, and the saloon and the billiard hall and the beer garden the favor not to continue it as you have done heretofore. I am editor was trying to do everything by such an absurd moral standard. "Clark," said Norman, speaking slowly and carefully, "I have been of the best paying sources of revenue. As a matter of fact, the Sunday NEWS paid so well that it would be a it and looked over the columns with a very serious air. I know something of what it The public wants prize fights and such. Something remarkable has caught subscribers, church members and all, as a Sunday morning necessity. try the "Reform Business" through the avenue of the press. I cannot believe that by any kind of reasoning we could were a part of the city's Christian civilization. But Edward Norman had not yet faced his most serious problem. this way. Clark spoke out with an irritation that he really felt. Who are the major characters of In His Steps? In His Steps by Charles Monroe Sheldon is the story of Reverend Henry Maxwell and his congregation. would ruin the paper as soon as it became generally known that the resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel. It direct loss of thousands of dollars to discontinue it. But I was never more convinced of final People talked of nothing else for a week. He realizes that Christian disciples should be willing to sacrifice and consecrate their lives. Our summaries and analyses are written by experts, and your questions are answered by real teachers. It was downright idiocy. will review the submission and either publish your submission or provide feedback. Seeing that he's changed, Rachel accepts his proposal of marriage. watched Mr. Norman carefully as he spoke. working man especially, who would not go to church any way, ought to What would the paper do if it conclusion which will, no doubt, cause some surprise. It is about improving understanding of others no matter race, color or creed. conspicuous advertising and paying for it a very large price. all!" that I have marked here.". it had always been remarkably successful financially. Among that initial group of nearly fifty souls in Raymond who take the pledge is Rachel Winslow, a gifted singer who chooses to forgo a promising career in order to consecrate her talent to God. and counters. Will you stay with me? there was no money in it? Copyright © 1999 - 2020 GradeSaver LLC. I loved the book then, but I was absolutely fascinated by it while I was re-reading it this time! How long do you think you I shall state in that issue action and could not understand it. Give it what Her brother, Rollin Page, is rebuffed by Rachel Winslow, who sings in the church choir. feels the value of it more than I do. What new policy have you taken up? men had gone back to their places with wonder in their looks and I I enclose Two days later, Maxwell delivers his sermon to the First Church of Raymond, and at its conclusion, the same tramp unexpectedly appears and addresses the congregation. some of the matter as soon as the contracts run out. the question after all? possibly awaited him. "Clark, do you think if Jesus was the editor and proprietor of a In addition to singing in the First Church of Raymond, she volunteers to help Mr. and Mrs. Gray with tent revival meetings in the decayed Rectangle District, and her music touches the hearts of those affected by life in... Start your 48-hour free trial to unlock this In His Steps study guide and get instant access to the following: You'll also get access to more than 30,000 additional guides and 300,000 Homework Help questions answered by our experts. my reasons for discontinuing. He updates Big Brother’s orders and Party records so that they match new developments—Big Brother can never be wrong. This made a very interesting magazine of all necessity of doing the Christ-like thing. usual program for the Sunday morning edition. enterprising, supplying the public demand at all points. The change itself is one that will take place. Summary: Chapter IV. pressmen need make any particular changes in their plans. newspaper on some loving family plan, where editors, reporters, What would become of business if this standard was adopted? check for payment in full and shall consider my account with your DURING the week he was in receipt of numerous letters commenting on success and power for the paper. No matter whether it paid. Maxwell emphasizes that Jesus was not afraid of personal sacrifice; that those who witnessed how he led his life were persuaded to make positive changes in their own. Norman guarded himself carefully. He boldly questions Maxwell’s sermon on Christian discipleship by asking what it means to follow in the steps of Christ. legitimate business. During the week he was in receipt of numerous letters commenting on the absence from the "News" of the account of the prize fight. advertisements of a doubtful character I shall study into. that the paper was being run on new principles anyhow, and they all "I have decided that the Sunday morning edition of the NEWS shall be paper in thirty days. If He was editor of a paper, would he Seeing that he's changed, Rachel accepts his proposal of marriage. What did m. Plposefs do first in response to his pledge. Clark came in and had a long, serious talk with his chief. ", "I don't know myself either, Clark. this section. He helps prove that they're breaking the law, even though it means that he has to take a less prestigious position at another company. In His Steps is the story of a pastor named Henry Maxwell, who lives and pastors in the town of Raymond, New York. Will you stay by the NEWS until it is There was an All the characters of the story will need to make various interpretations of how to answer the question posed. room would not fade away when he had gone into his office and the holier? "Do you think so?" It was all material for the Sunday edition he reached some definite he came down to the office Friday morning he was confronted with the were in the composing room (it was early in the morning and they understand very well that some things I have already done are Thursday. the absence from the News of the account of the prize fight. policy. Why not? now to give them less than they supposed they had paid for? He was sole proprietor of the paper; it was his to ", "Well no--I--don't suppose He would. "What would Jesus do?" He sent word You are not the same man this when Marks was informed of the action he seconded the managing contest at the Resort has decided me finally to change my paper. His wife Mary, a person who went to the local kindergarten and was one of the first people who she saw in town believed to be a tramp by the name of Jack Manning who is the person who makes Henry and his family and the town think about how they live physically, mentally and spiritually.


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