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9 series 5 episode 2 review: Death Be Not Proud, Inside No. Both six-episode series will of course continue the format of each instalment telling a completely different self-contained story, with a mix of drama, comedy, horror and more clever Easter Eggs to keep audiences entertained. 9 Series 5 Episode 4 Review: Misdirection By Louisa Mellor Since word got out about this short, sharp, playful series, it’s become a sought-after gig in the acting community. Gerald's house contents might just become the target of an audacious criminal enterprise. 9 features new characters, the writers were able to attract actors who might have been unwilling to commit to an entire series. scenarios and characters. Both episodes followed break-ins. 9, 2.3 – 'The Trial of Elizabeth Gadge, "Intrigue, unease and emotional intensity: have you been watching Inside No 9? [5] Episodes last around half an hour, with the self-contained story reaching a conclusion. "Little did we know when we started Inside No. The episode is interactive, advancing only with input from the viewer. 9, as "the funniest, cleverest, most imaginative and original television I have seen for as long as I can remember – one of those fabulous programmes where time stands still and the world around you disappears". "David and Maureen" took place entirely in a single room, and was filmed in only two shots. Commentators have described it as "never less-than-captivating"[2] and "consistently compelling",[3] offering particularly strong praise for "A Quiet Night In", "The 12 Days of Christine" and "The Riddle of the Sphinx". For Lawson, Inside No. The second series of Inside No. Whatever Time Lord technology Inside No. Shell asks how Andras could have rung the bell if his hands were tied. Tensions are high in the referee's changing room before, during and after the ref's (, A world-famous magician (Shearsmith) is interviewed by a student journalist (. "[19] "The Harrowing", particularly its final scene, was selected as Empire Online's 17th greatest television moment of 2014. "Inside No 9, TV review: A top-drawer cast puts these twisted tales in a league of their own", "Inside No. The other nominees were The Wrong Mans and Man Down. [1][2] "Séance Time" was the second episode of the second series to be filmed, and the filming was completed shortly before production ceased for a Christmas break. 2019 British Academy Television Craft Awards,, "Preview: Inside No 9: The Harrowing, BBC2", "Inside No 9: the 10 best episodes so far", "TV review: Inside No 9; Line of Duty; The Life of Rock with Brian Pern", "Inside No 9, TV review: A top-drawer cast puts these twisted tales in a league of their own", "Inside No 9: How Shearsmith and Pemberton have revived a lost genre", "Reece Shearsmith speaks to Mark Radcliffe", "Inside No. It aired on 12 March 2014 on BBC Two. [26] In addition to playing Pete, Pemberton provided the deep voice spoken by "Madam Talbot" during the séance. The ending, these critics suggested, was "a bit of a cop out" rather than "daring". Inside No. Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith have some news for us. Hives (Shearsmith) sits her at a table and then escorts the ominous, shrouded Madam Talbot (Steadman) into the room. 9, Shearsmith professed excitement to be working on the programme, saying that "[b]eing in the middle of filming a third series of Psychoville would be utterly depressing". [6][18][97][98] "A Quiet Night In" was a change in approach, relying on physical comedy,[99] but it was well received as funny,[85][100] and inventive. 9 impresses fans with series 4 finale. 9 was able to overcome these problems through the "pleasing coherence" offered by the fact each episode was set in a number 9, and "the wit and inventiveness" of the opening episodes, which could sufficiently engage viewers. [81][82] The second series was released on DVD on 4 May 2015. [172] The other nominees were Do I Have to Take Care of Everything?, It's a Date, Tiny Plastic Men, Gangsta Granny and The Revolution Will Be Televised. [5] The episode's director, Dan Zeff, got behind the idea of genuine horror, and Shearsmith was happy with how the initial séance was portrayed. 9, served as pilots for potential series. Digital Spy now has a newsletter – sign up to get it sent straight to your inbox. [16], Due in part to her appearance in the episode, Edwards was shortlisted for WalesOnline's "Daffta" award for best actress, but lost in the public vote to Eve Myles. [6] Despite both reviews characterising "The Harrowing" as one of the weaker episodes of the series, it was called "very creepy" in the Liverpool Echo,[15] and the closing scene was described as extremely scary in the Metro. 9, but lost to Davy Jones, for his work on In the Flesh. Inside No. 9 was also a reaction to Psychoville, which featured a long overarching story realised over multiple series. "We might even try a Countryfile episode, no-one would expect that...", Related: Kick-Ass star Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Inside No. Settings include a suburban house, a gothic mansion and a barn. [11] Members of Inside No. Jan and Graham ask WishmakerUK to brighten up their daughter's birthday. [179] Inside No. 9 series 2 episode 6 review: The Seance", "Inside No.9, S2Ep6, Séance Time, TV review: Hide behind your sofas this is horror with a capital AHHH! As each episode of Inside No. Anne behaves in a "bitter and narcissistic" way. A large number of horror clichés were used, but the reason that these clichés are present is subsequently revealed. It was nominated for the Best TV Sitcom prize at the 2014 Freesat Awards, the Broadcast Award for Best Original Programme, and at the 2014 British Comedy Awards for both the Best New Comedy Programme and the Best Comedy Drama. 9 sneaks in cult crime drama reference, Inside No. The final day of the football season and it has all come down to the last match - the crunch clash between United and Rovers - all safely in the hands of the four match officials. It's just fun." 9 Series 5 Episode 4 Review: Misdirection, Inside Inside No. 9 and a series of some other programme. [27], Shearsmith said that he and Pemberton sometimes aim to produce episodes with genuinely scary scenes, comparing "Séance Time" to "The Harrowing", the sixth episode of Inside No. [52][53] Settings for the third series include an art gallery, a restaurant and an alpine cabin, while guest stars include Keeley Hawes, Jessica Raine, Felicity Kendal, Tamzin Outhwaite, Fiona Shaw, Jason Watkins, Mathew Baynton, Rula Lenska, Philip Glenister, Sarah Hadland, Javone Prince, Montserrat Lombard, Morgana Robinson, and Alexandra Roach. [5], Inside No. 9", "Interview with a Filmmaker – Martin Stirling", "BBC Two's dark comedy Inside No.9 comes out on DVD", "Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith – Inside No. 9 as a whole due to the fact that each episode is different from the last. 9: did you spot this hidden detail in every episode? [60] The difficulties, including the continuity announcer's voiceover, were in-fact part of the programme's plot, which centred on the premise that the studios in which the episode were being filmed were haunted. At an engagement party, a bedroom with old baggage in it has been left unlocked... Gerald's house contents might just become the target of an. [18] Nonetheless, humour remained elsewhere in the script; Lloyd looked forward to performing a particular joke involving blue paint. The BBC has confirmed the fate of Inside No. Meanwhile, Jim is his ever-hopeful understudy. That's what you strive to do". They mostly ignore him, despite his eagerness to talk about his acting experiences and his requests for a drink. [4] Inside No. [39][46] Owen also compared the two, but noted that "Séance Time" contains more humour. The episode begins with Tina (McShera) arriving at a Victorian villa for a séance. 9: Tom & Gerri, BBC2", "Brit Awards, Inside No.9 and The Truth About Webcam Girls: TV picks", "Inside No 9 – Series 1 – 3. 9 series 3 'horror, "What time is Inside No 9: The Devil of Christmas on TV? new half hour films, each set in a different location. The Dafftas celebrate Welsh television talent and prizes are awarded based on a public vote. [17] During filming, Steadman expressed happiness to be working with Pemberton and Shearsmith. Terry is "parasitic and dead of heart", an example of a particular brand of "washed-up middle-aged television presenters". [88], Writing before Inside No. 9 to attract a number of well-known actors. It stars Pemberton, Shearsmith, Alison Steadman, Alice Lowe, Sophie McShera, Dan Starkey, Cariad Lloyd and Caden-Ellis Wall. Related: Inside No. The episode begins with Tina (McShera) arriving at a Victorian villa for a séance. Backstage, people wait for the police and ambulance; Terry is worried about his career, Anne wants to get away for some food and Amanda is keen to retrieve props from the corpse, but Pete and Gemma show some remorse. Katy tries to call her father so she can leave, but the house has no mobile phone signal and the house phone's party line is tied up. [174] Inside No. 9 Renewed for Series 6 and 7", "BBC launches digital episode of Inside No. ", "Inside No. 9 is coming back for a 3rd series, BBC orders a fourth series of Inside No. [5] Comedy critic Bruce Dessau noted that Shearsmith's role was actually relatively minor, saying that the house was the real star. [5] Shearsmith said that he and Pemberton had always wanted to do a séance-inspired story, but had never been able to find a new angle from which to approach the theme. 9", "Last episode of Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton's Inside No.9 is a bit of a cop out", "Gentlemen in a league of their own: Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton discuss their new series", "Lost & Found: Cinco series de estreno a recuperar (II)", "TV review: Inside No.9 we find a glass ceiling", "Inside No. The programme is due to return on a different channel, and Terry has chosen a different prank to be announced as the winner of a "public" vote for the programme's best. [170] In 2017, Inside No. When Katy opens the bed's curtains, Andras's deformed body is revealed; he is tied to the bed and gagged. For Pemberton, the device works because the character has been moved from a safe environment into the unknown. They made use of more horror tropes than previous episodes, but the setting allowed them to include modern elements. In the latter category, it lost to Rev, and the other nominees were The Wrong Mans and Uncle. They tell Katy about their bedridden, disabled brother Andras (Buckley), who cannot speak but will ring a bell if he needs assistance. 9 was shown in the UK on BBC Two (and BBC Two HD) between 5 February and 12 March 2014. Tony Warner is the toast of the West End. It has been consistently compelling as each week we entered an entirely different world. 9 from "David and Maureen", episode 4 of the first series of Psychoville. "[84] Chater had previously described "A Quiet Night In", the second episode of Inside No. [126][127] The emotional script, poignancy of the ending and performance of the cast, especially Smith, was highly praised. This was a recovery from the series low of the previous week's "The Understudy",[16] but was fewer viewers than any of the first four episodes. 9 won the award for "Best TV Comedy Drama" at the Awards in 2014,[166] 2015,[167] 2016,[168] 2017,[169] and 2018,[170] beating Cold Feet, Flowers, Fresh Meat, Jonathan Creek and Stag in 2016,[168] Cold Feet, Doc Martin, Eric, Ernie and Me, Murder on the Blackpool Express and No Offence in 2017,[169] and Click & Collect, Dave Allen At Peace, Death on the Tyne, Flowers and No Offence in 2018. In the former category, it lost to Toast of London. 9 and the clash of humour and horror tropes. 9". DIGITAL SPY, PART OF THE HEARST UK ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK. Tabitha greets Katy at the door and explains that the house is always kept at −3 °C as Hector and Tabitha's disabled brother, Andras, needs the air to be at this temperature. Hives (Shearsmith) settles Tina before retrieving Talbot (Steadman), who arrives shrouded in black and carrying a doll.


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