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"Are you seeing this?" (uncredited), Parent / Todd White [23], On review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes the film has an approval rating of 21% based on 156 reviews and an average rating of 4.28/10. Feel free to follow him on Twitter @AsayPaul. His vices include James Bond films, Mountain Dew and terrible B-grade movies. Though considered unqualified, Harry S. Truman becomes the 33rd president following the April 1945 death of Franklin D. Roosevelt. People-filled vehicles are yanked upward into the storm, too, with equally tragic results. [6] On July 2, New Line cast Nathan Kress, who portrayed a brother finding his sibling. (uncredited), High School Student "Yeah. Trey We hear a couple of crude references to body parts. Billy cried back, getting irritated. Billy, finally seeming to understand what was happening screamed. Family dynamics between Gary and his sons are tense at first, featuring incriminations, insults, slights and cursing. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? "Man. You want big-screen images of insanely large-scale tornadoes and big-scale devastation and disaster carnage? After recovering their vehicles, Allison leaves with Gary to continue their trip to the paper mill. Videographer The website's critical consensus reads, "Clumsily scripted and populated with forgettable characters, Into the Storm has little to offer beyond its admittedly thrilling special effects. : Share. Billy questioned excitedly as he turned the camera to face the windshield. Hang on." Marcia questioned, a smile on her face, no doubt from kissing David. Graduation Attendee In the mid 1960s, President Lyndon B. Johnson (Sir Michael Gambon) and his foreign-policy team debate the decision to withdraw from or escalate the war in Vietnam. (uncredited), Teacher / They have a strong appreciation for the great outdoors, and they’ll frolic in Oklahoma’s wide open spaces regardless of weather—running outside even when a monster tornado is barreling through town. British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill (Sir Michael Gambon) suffers from a stroke in the summer of 1953, which is consequently kept a secret from the rest of the world. by Whovian3135 Follow. Donnie takes care of a pretty schoolmate and feels really bad about giving his father such a hard time. "Yeah, we can see that, David." One man, bloodied somewhat, is rescued from a car. Company Credits The three are suffering through difficulties at the film’s open. Okay?" Gary is a gruff, demanding father who has trouble showing affection. [16] The film was released on Digital HD on October 28, 2014, and on DVD and Blu-ray November 18, 2014. David questioned, not understanding why she halted their make out session. Trey Please marry a rich guy. Gary Silverton, Okla., is a special place filled with special people. That was it. "Oh, my god!" She distractedly clutched his wrist in her free hand as she and the other two teens, who had stopped making out, looked out the window. | [14] On August 23, 2012, the untitled "Category Six" Tornado project film got the title Black Sky, and was filming in Detroit. The high school's vice-principal, Gary Fuller, has asked his two sons, Trey and Donnie, to record messages from the seniors for a time capsule to be opened in 25 years. "Oh, come on, Marce. [5] On July 13, Max Deacon joined the film's cast to play Donnie, an introverted teen with a crush on his high school's prettiest girl. Into the Storm is a 2014 American found footage disaster film directed by Steven Quale, written by John Swetnam, starring Richard Armitage and Sarah Wayne Callies. Go!" Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Share. Elsewhere, Pete, a veteran storm chaser, has been attempting to intercept and film tornadoes using a heavily armored vehicle nicknamed Titus, but has come up short all year long. [eyes closed, fingers crossed]  The author of several books, Paul loves to find spirituality in unexpected places, including popular entertainment, and he loves all things superhero. [21], The visual effects are provided by Digital Domain, Moving Picture Company, Cinesite, Method Studios, Prime Focus World, Scanline VFX and The Third Floor, Inc. and Supervised by Jay Barton, Guillaume Rocheron, Simon Stanley-Clamp, Nordin Rahhali, Bruce Woloshyn, Randy Goux, Chad Wiebe, Shawn Hull and Tracy L. Kettler with help from Hydraulx and Rhythm and Hues Studios.[22]. Hey, Billy." (uncredited), Parent / | [12] On January 5, 2012 it was announced that director Steve Quale would direct the then-untitled "Found-Footage" Tornado thriller. So, what would you like to say to yourself in 25 years? : Upon learning of a major line of developing storms, the chasers decide to h… Richard Armitage as Gary; Sarah Wayne Callies as Allison; Matt Walsh as Pete; Max Deacon as Donnie; Nathan Kress as Trey; Alycia Debnam Carey as Kaitlyn; Arlen Escarpeta as Daryl; Jeremy Sumpter as Jacob; Lee Whittaker as Lucas; Kyle Davis as Donk; Jon Reep as Reevis. Marcia tried again, almost panicking. He’s married, has two children and a neurotic dog, runs marathons on occasion and hopes to someday own his own tuxedo. (uncredited), make up artist: LA unit (as Maria Garcia), production supervisor: additional photography (uncredited), second second assistant director: second unit (as Nate Kimball), second assistant director (as David E. Waters), second assistant director: additional photography (uncredited), first assistant director: additional photography (uncredited), sound effects editor (as Kerry Ann Carmean), sound effects editor (as William R. Dean), re-recording mixer: international versions (uncredited), special effects assistant (as Meghan Tkachuk), visual effects supervisor: Digital Domain, lead effects technical director: Cinesite, matchmove artist: The Moving Picture Company, senior lighting technical director: Rhythm & Hues, senior visual effects coordinator: Prime Focus, cg supervisor: Method Studios (as Doug Bloom), digital production manager: Digital Domain, visual effects executive producer: Hydraulx, effects department manager: MPC Vancouver, lighting technical director: digital domain, visual effects supervisor: Method Studios London, digital production administrator: Digital Domain, environment layout supervisor: Rhythm & Hues, compositing head of department: MPC Vancouver, 3d scanning supervisor: Gentle Giant Studios, matchmove artist: Prime Focus Film (as Emmanuel De Lange), compositing/environment supervisor: Cinesite, visual effects production manager: Rhythm & Hues (as Johanna A. Upon learning of a major line of developing storms, the chasers decide to head for Silverton in hopes of filming tornadoes. By SpontaneousMischief Ongoing - Updated Jul 08, 2016 Embed Story Share via Email Read New Reading List. That's your time capsule message, Todd? The tornado roared as it carried them up higher, and higher. Came the reply. Kaitlyn (Donnie’s high school crush) wears a formfitting top, and Trey at one point asks Donnie to get “some skin on camera.” A high schooler imagines that in 25 years he’ll be married to a supermodel: He says he’ll spend his days having sex. "Hang on." The Marcia screamed, the tornado swirling closer. People duck into a church to take shelter when the winds start whipping. But in the midst of all the physical destruction, we do see mending taking place too—emotional and familial bonds that no tornado can tear apart. In the aftermath of the tornado outbreak, the townspeople begin to clean up and rebuild. In the skies above Silverton, a convergence of two large tornadoes results in a colossal EF-5 tornado that threatens to level the town. (uncredited), Town Person / There was another flash of electricity, closer than before. "Oh, oh, your Trojan's in my head." And to get through this weatheriffic day, they’ll need all the courage, smartphone battery power and Stickum they can muster. The film was released by Warner Bros. Pictures on August 8, 2014 to mixed reviews from critics, with some comparing the film to Twister. A biographical film about Winston Churchill during World War II, it was a follow up to The Gathering Storm which was made seven years earlier and covered the years just prior to the war.The film is told largely in flashbacks while Churchill and his family are holidaying in France at the conclusion of the war as they wait for the results of the election.Brendan Gleeson who replaces Albert Finney from the previous film, gives a very good performance as Churchill who has to be one of the most often portrayed historical figures. Billy, held the camera in front of him so that all passengers were seen on camera. The last footage shows two local daredevils Donk and Reevis, who were sucked up by the tornado, to have survived the storm. The wreckage itself consists of some sexual asides, frequent cursing and, naturally, a cataclysm of chaotic violence. : Huge commercial and educational buildings are flattened. TORNADO! : Gleeson would pick up an Emmy which duplicated what Finney also achieved. That was good thinking with that knife back there. | Others also rally to save and care for their fellows. [13], On April 24, 2012, Variety reported that New Line had given the green light for their next film project, about an EF6 tornado (although the current EF5 category has no upper limit), and that the film was in development and set to begin shooting on July 9 in Detroit. Release Dates At the last minute, Gary and Allison arrive and successfully free them. : (See: Twister.) "Billy, get in!" [19] It was also filmed in Oakland Charter Township, Oakview Middle School and Oakland University. On September 24, 2013, Warner Bros. set the film to be released on August 8, 2014. "Come on!" Billy, satisfied with the camera's position, turned and smiled slyly at Jennifer, fidgeting until he was just close enough for their shoulders to touch. Into The Storm Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Titus's equipment proves unable to anchor the vehicle to the ground, and the tornado picks up the vehicle. Scott Mendelson of Forbes reviewed the film and commented that the film is visually dazzling and mostly successful in updating the disaster film for the YouTube age. Donnie’s a sad sack who feels the weight of his father’s expectations and blames him for past trauma.


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