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By August 1940, when she met David Niven, Primmie was an assistant section officer in the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force.

“Yes sir!”. Thank you. In yesterday’s extract, he described how he fell for his second wife Hjordis and fell out with the movie mogul Sam Goldwyn. The trees were overgrown and the ground beneath them was dark and soggy. “Most of the furniture is California modern and comes from the Nivens’ Hollywood home which they left in 1960.”, “Downstairs, there is a living room, a small mirrored dining room and a combination study and bar which boasts the only evidence that the house belongs to an actor. After a stop-over in New York, David brought his family to California. The day after Britain declared war on Germany in 1939, Niven returned home and rejoined the British Army. She was no angel, but for most of her second marriage behaved no worse than her social contemporaries. Early one morning at his Palm Springs hideaway (he was passing through his desert period at the time), I heard loud commands followed by hideous, grunts and splashings. I was asked by some American friends to search out the grave of their son near Bastogne. He graduated in 1930 with a commission as a second lieutenant in the British Army. Change ).

Niven had been Bond creator Ian Fleming's first choice to play Bond in Dr. No. We chose as the battleground a place called Ciros, the ‘hot’ restaurant of the moment and one certain to be infiltrated by spies for both gossip columns. He was loaned to 20th Century Fox to play Bertie Wooster in Thank You, Jeeves! He was assigned to the HLI, with whom he served for two years in Malta and then for a few months in Dover. Primmie started life there with a busy calendar of social events, due to run until David began work on a new movie at the end of May 1946. Then we advanced again and circled each other a couple of times. "[20], Niven ended the war as a lieutenant-colonel. 10. 18th February 2018 marked the centenary of Primmie’s birth. He followed this with Bring On the Empty Horses in 1975, a collection of entertaining reminiscences from Hollywood's "Golden Age" in the 1930s and 1940s. She had some qualms about printing this passage, however, and one Sunday afternoon she called me to come and see her urgently. He is the son of actor David Niven and Primula Rollo. “Recently they stayed at Anatole Litvak’s until 5am.

Lovely day. David had been invited but was unable to attend). How dull. Niven's penchant for exaggeration and embroidery is particularly clearly demonstrated when comparing his written descriptions of his early film appearances (especially Barbary Coast and A Feather in her Hat), and his Oscar acceptance speech, with the actual filmed evidence. Mark you, had you not done so − it would have been despicable. He was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS, also known as "Lou Gehrig's disease") later that year. It was tough.”, “I remember him telling me she’d gone on a journey and wasn’t coming back.”. She settled herself in his personal canvas chair, and refused to budge when asked by the assistant director. They were married six weeks later. In happier times with Goldwyn, he had observed this same picture sitting on Goldwyn's piano. I goggled. ( Log Out /  In the foreword to David Niven: The Man Behind the Balloon, Michael Munn confesses that he can't be an objective author with this biography because he is part of it. She certainly packed a lot into her life. ‘Why lessons?’ I asked sleepily from my bedroom window. But he said ‘Don’t worry old bean, Hjördis will get all that fixed in no time,’ and sure enough the next time we called in there it was looking fabulous.”, “The house looked attractive and romantic from the outside,” Hjördis remembered, “but inside was a very different story. Howard and Hjordis timed their arrival perfectly and the entire restaurant watched spellbound as a jittery head waiter led them to a table as far away as possible from Ida and myself.
Niven commanded "A" Squadron GHQ Liaison Regiment, better known as "Phantom". Hjördis first met David while visiting the set of “Bonnie Prince Charlie” in late 1947.

Niven later wrote, "How he did this, I shall never know, but he made every single boy at that school feel that what he said and what he did were of real importance to the headmaster.
As a young lad we lived for a time next door to them on the Sth coast of France. They are separated by Niven’s Oscar.”, “Unlike many stars, Mr Niven does not fill his home with art treasures,” Peter Evans wrote in 1965. He then carried the body on deck and dumped it over the side. The derelict rotunda was restored after Niven bought the property. 2,008.". “She’s waiting outside sir!” |  It seems that the part of the story involving Grace was (at the very least) embellished. Born in London, Niven attended Heatherdown Preparatory School and Stowe School before gaining a place at the Royal Military College, Sandhurst. Pictured: Los Angeles gossip columnist Hedda Hoppa, in 1946. After Niven had won the Academy Award, Goldwyn called with an invitation to his home. Niven explained in his autobiography that there was no military way that he, a lieutenant-colonel, and Ustinov, who was only a private, could associate, other than as an officer and his subordinate, hence their strange "act".


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