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Call Northside 777 was a critically acclaimed film noir,[155] while the musical comedy On Our Merry Way, in which Stewart and Henry Fonda played jazz musicians in an ensemble cast, was a critical and commercial failure. [120], Stewart was promoted to major following a mission to Ludwigshafen, Germany, on January 7, 1944. [134] Stewart rarely spoke about his wartime service,[135] but did appear in an episode of the British television documentary series The World at War (1974), commenting on the disastrous 1943 mission against Schweinfurt, Germany. "[36] Both plays folded after only short runs, and Stewart began to think about going back to his studies. Belton explained that "James Stewart is more James Stewart than Glenn Miller in The Glenn Miller Story (1954) or Charles Lindbergh in The Spirit of St. Louis (1957). Was voted the 9th Greatest Movie Star of All Time by "Premiere" magazine. "Time" said that his salary would drop to $21 a month from $6,000 a month. “He taught us to do the right thing, without ever sitting us down and telling us to do the right thing. [276][277], As a friend, mentor, and focus of his early romantic feelings, Margaret Sullavan had a unique influence on Stewart's life. "[143] In the decades since its release, It's a Wonderful Life has grown to define Stewart's film persona and is widely considered a Christmas classic,[144] and according to the American Film Institute is one of the 100 best American movies ever made. James Stewart, in full James Maitland Stewart, byname Jimmy Stewart, (born May 20, 1908, Indiana, Pennsylvania, U.S.—died July 2, 1997, Beverly Hills, California), major American motion-picture star who was known for his portrayals of diffident but morally resolute characters.

Ronald was killed in action in Vietnam on June 8, 1969, at the age of 24, while serving as a lieutenant in the Marine Corps. [38] It premiered at the Martin Beck Theater in March 1934.

[293] After the war, Stewart began a relationship with co-star Myrna Dell during the filming of The Stratton Story (1949). [117] After spending over a year training pilots at Kirtland Army Airfield in Albuquerque, New Mexico,[119] he appealed to his commander, and was sent to England as part of the 445th Bombardment Group, to pilot a B-24 Liberator, in November 1943.

[427] According to Bingham, Stewart marked "the transition between the studio period...and the era of free-lance actors, independent production, and powerful talent agents that made possible the "new kind of star" of the late 1960s. "[163], Stewart found success again with The Stratton Story (1949), playing baseball champion Monty Stratton opposite June Allyson. "[421] Ansen further explained that Stewart was the ultimate trustworthy movie star. Stewart later confided that he had a "friend" operating the weight scales on his second and successful enlisting attempt. I play variations on myself. In 1959 he served in the Air Force Reserve, before retiring as a brigadier general (. [236][246] The film failed domestically and was quickly forgotten. [335] Following the assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy in 1968, Stewart, Charlton Heston, Kirk Douglas and Gregory Peck issued a statement calling for support of President Lyndon B. Johnson's Gun Control Act of 1968. [374] However, during his career "Stewart [encompassed] the furthest extremes of American masculinity, from Reaganite militarist patriotism to Hitchcockian perversity. [172] In the film, Stewart is a tough, vengeful sharpshooter, the winner of a prized rifle which is stolen and passes through many hands, until the showdown between him and his brother. The trophy remained there for 25 years.

Over 3,000 people, mostly Hollywood celebrities, attended his funeral to pay their respects.

On May 20, 1995, his 87th birthday, The Jimmy Stewart Museum was established there.

Upon his death on 7/2/97, a small group of fans and admirers placed a few items on his Hollywood star, not the least of which was a rather tall (although not six feet tall) plush rabbit wearing overalls, a tribute to one of his most beloved films, Awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, America's highest civilian award, by his friend President, Very much wanted the role of Roger Thornhill in, In 2006 his performance as James "Scottie" Ferguson in, His jazz and blues piano-playing skills were showcased in.

I am James Stewart playing James Stewart. "[305], Stewart's fifty-year friendship with Henry Fonda began in Manhattan when Fonda invited Stewart to be his third roommate (in addition to Joshua Logan and Myron McCormick) in order to make rent.

[245] Stewart then appeared in John Ford's final Western, Cheyenne Autumn (1964), playing a white-suited Wyatt Earp in a long semi-comedic sequence in the middle of the movie. Pictured on a 41¢ USA commemorative postage stamp in the Legends of Hollywood series, issued on Friday, August 17, 2007. [137] His former agent Leland Hayward had also left the talent business in 1944 after selling his roster of stars, including Stewart, to Music Corporation of America (MCA). [416] David Thomson has explained Stewart's appeal by stating that "we wanted to be him, and we wanted to be liked by him,"[417] while Roger Ebert has stated that "whether he played everyman, or everyman's hidden psyche, Stewart was an innately likable man whose face, loping gait and distinctive drawl became famous all over the world. [8] When a customer at the store was unable to pay his bill, Stewart's father accepted an old accordion as payment.

[151] Stewart gained a following in the unconventional play, and although Fay returned to the role in August, they decided that Stewart would take his place again the next summer.

First Generation . "[203] 1954 was a landmark year in Stewart's career in terms of audience success, and he topped Look magazine's list of most popular movie stars, displacing rival Western star John Wayne.

[378] According to film scholar Amy Lawrence, the main elements of Stewart's persona "a propensity for physical and spiritual suffering, lingering fears of inadequacy," were established by Frank Capra in the 1930s and were enhanced through his later work with Hitchcock and Mann.

After graduation, engagements with the University Players took him around the northeastern United States, including a run on Broadway in 1932. [20], Stewart enrolled at Princeton in 1928 as a member of the class of 1932, majoring in architecture and becoming a member of the Princeton Charter Club.

I think the main thing that has kept Indiana so close to my heart is the fact that Indiana has been, and still is, the headquarters of Mr. Alex Stewart and his family ... My father has been almost fanatical in his determination to keep our family together--and he has done it. He had a blood clot in his right knee, and the swelling soon spread through his entire leg. According to the 3/31/41 issue of "Time" magazine, he was drafted into the Army.

He was offered the role of Norman Thayer in On Golden Pond (1981), but turned it down because he disliked the film's father-daughter relationship; the role went instead to his friend, Henry Fonda. I've always regretted that I didn't spend more time on the stage because there's nothing like that for experience - real experience - and to bring you up to snuff as far as the acting is concerned.

The outstanding tactical ability displayed by Lieutenant Colonel Stewart reflects the highest credit upon himself and the Armed Forces of the United States.

[267] Harry Haun of New York Daily News wrote in his review of The Big Sleep that it was "really sad to see James Stewart struggle so earnestly with material that just isn't there.

[71] The production was shut down for months in 1937 as Stewart recovered from an undisclosed illness, during which he was hospitalized.

Vertigo was ignored by critics at its time of release, but has since been reevaluated and recognized as an American cinematic masterpiece. [103] He gave the Oscar to his father, who displayed it at his hardware store alongside other family awards and military medals. [132] He served for 27 years, officially retiring from the Air Force on May 31, 1968, when he reached the mandatory retirement age of 60.


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