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Three months later, he won his second G1 Climax. [103][104][105], In May, Okada took part in NJPW's North American tour, during which he received a rematch for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship. While growing up, he excelled as a sprinter and was in middle school’s track team. On November 3, at Power Struggle, Okada and White agreed to face each other in a match, which was later set to be at Wrestle Kingdom 13 in Tokyo Dome. [75][76] On August 18, Okada made a rare appearance outside of NJPW, when he took part in the DDT Pro-Wrestling promotion's annual Ryōgoku Peter Pan event, defeating Kota Ibushi in a special non-title match. Kazuchika Okada has played a match against many famous and popular wrestler such as Samoa Joe, A.J. [61][62][63] On May 3 at Wrestling Dontaku 2013, Okada made his first successful title defense against Minoru Suzuki. 8 Nov 1987 . Apart from weightlifting in the gym, he also focuses on strengthening his core and neck muscles. [107][108] From July 21 to August 8, Okada took part in the 2014 G1 Climax, where he won his block with a record of eight wins and two losses, which included a win over A.J. [91][92] When the results were released on December 9, Okada and Naito had gotten only half the votes Nakamura and Tanahashi had gotten and, as a result, lost their main event spot for NJPW's biggest show of the year. [116][117] On October 13 at King of Pro-Wrestling, Okada made another successful defense of his contract against Tetsuya Naito. [95][96] On January 4, 2014, at Wrestle Kingdom 8 in Tokyo Dome, Okada defeated Naito for his seventh successful title defense. Dragon George is also the ring name of Kazuchika Okada but he is well known as Kazuchika Okada in his career. Okada born? Full 1/4 Tokyo Dome card announced, plus 12/23 lineup! He was also the winner ina regional 100-meter dash competition. After the tournament, Okada was nominated by Tanahashi as his first challenger for the Tokyo Dome IWGP Heavyweight Championship match contract. Kazuchika Okada. Feud with Hiroshi Tanahashi and battle for the Ace (2012–2016), The Longest-reigning IWGP Heavyweight Champion (2016–2018), Feud with Jay White and fifth IWGP Heavyweight Championship reign (2019–Present). [161] Okada's next title defense took place during the first night of G1 Special in USA on July 1, where he defeated Cody. He went for further training after signing a contract with NJPW and entered the NJPW Dojo. [19], On December 9, 2011, NJPW announced that Okada, having gained 11 kg (24 lb) of muscle to increase his overall weight from 96 kg (212 lb)[20] to 107 kg (236 lb),[2] would be returning to the promotion on January 4, 2012, at Wrestle Kingdom VI in Tokyo Dome, where he would face Yoshi-Hashi, also making his return after a learning excursion to Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL). Kazuchika Okada has also made the history of most successful title defences winning for 12 times in his career. Kazuchika Okada is a professional Japanese wrestler who made his debut in August 2004. He first got exposed to professional wrestling after one of his older brothers borrowed a New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW) video game from his friend. He has given various other hair dyes such as ‘blonde’ and ‘brown’ a try. [120] The team finished their block with a record of four wins and three losses, failing to advance to the finals. You have entered an incorrect email address! Okada went on to lose the match. After the main event of the evening, Okada challenged Hiroshi Tanahashi to a match for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship. Featured Image by Kazuchika Okada / Instagram. Though, Kazuchika Okada has a number of fans in his social media sites. In fact, he was in his middle school’s baseball team. Okada revealed that he chosed mega due to their match at Dominion 6.11 in Osaka-jo Hall ending in a time-limit draw and Omega defeating him at 20the 17 G1 Climax. Kazuchika Okada and his wife doesn’t have any children till date. [127][128], On July 5 at Dominion 7.5 in Osaka-jo Hall, Okada defeated Styles to win the IWGP Heavyweight Championship for the third time. Later, Kazuchika Okada and Yoko Mori broke up their relationship in the year 2017. [166] The following year, he voiced a character in another anime, Future Card Buddy Fight 100. In August 2004, he made his wrestling debut against the Mexican wrestler, Negro Navarro. Okada has publicly pledged that he will donate ¥30,000 (the equivalent of US$378) to the. 191cm . Okada's run with TNA ended in October 2011 and he returned to NJPW in January 2012, repackaged as "Rainmaker" (レインメーカー, Reinmēkā), complete with a new look and a villainous persona. Okada would also make appearances in the United States and Canada for promotions such as UWA Hardcore Wrestling and Chikara. His ring practice provides him with an excellent cardio. Kazuchika Okada (November 8, 1987) is a Japanese professional wrestler. Kazuchika Okada and his wife were married in April 2019. Okada opened the tournament with a loss against CHAOS stablemate Jay White, after he cheated to win the match and Bad Luck Fale following the interference from Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa. [2][4] Okada would also make appearances in the United States and Canada for promotions such as UWA Hardcore Wrestling and Chikara. After the match, Okada nominated Kenny Omega his next challenger for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship. [33] However, Okada bounced back from the loss, winning five of his eight round-robin stage matches and finished at the top of his block, advancing to the finals of the tournament. NJPW/CMLL cards announced, Tanahashi’s first challenger to be determined on 1/30, Okada news, 5/13 New Japan Pro Wrestling Results: Rahway, NJ, 5/14 New Japan Pro Wrestling Results: New York, 5/15 New Japan Pro Wrestling Results: Philly, PA, Week in Wrestling: Jimmy Hart on the art of theme songs; Trish Stratus, NJPW 40th anniversary Tour New Japan Ism 2012, NJPW Video - Former TNA wrestler's Tokyo Dome main event contract signing, NJPW: Update on former TNA wrestler's Tokyo Dome main event quest, NJPW 40th anniversary King of Pro-Wrestling, NJPW 40th anniversary Tour World Tag League 2012, NJPW 40th anniversary Tour World Tag League 2012. On July 25, at Sengoku Lord in Nagoya, during a post-match interview, Okada teased a "controversial announcement". Mon. [134][135] On December 7, Okada won his third MVP award from Tokyo Sports, while his match with Tenryu was named the Match of the Year. In 2018, he became the first NJPW wrestler to have mounted 12 successful title defenses in one reign. [86][87][88] Okada and his next challenger, 2013 G1 Climax winner Tetsuya Naito, faced off on November 23 during the first day of the 2013 World Tag League in a match, where Okada and Yoshi-Hashi were victorious over Naito and La Sombra. [122][123] Okada then started a stoyline, where the loss to Tanahashi had broken him both physically and mentally, causing him to enter a slump. [47][48] On January 4, 2013, at Wrestle Kingdom 7 in Tokyo Dome, Okada failed in his title challenge against Tanahashi. Show … If you buy stuff from Amazon using this link, we receive a minor promotional bonus -- … Following Okada's 720 days reign, Okada would suffer a gimmick change with changing his ring attire to red pants and dyed his hair with a red color and started and began to bring balloons during his entrances. Later, he returned to Anjo for his graduation. However, Okada would return to the old Rainmaker gimmick at Wrestle Kingdom 13. In 2017, Okada became the first Japanese wrestler to top Pro Wrestling Illustrated's list of the top 500 wrestlers in the world. Three days later, at Summer Struggle in Jingu, Okada was defeated by his CHAOS stablemate Toru Yano in the final, in a four-way match also involving El Desperado and SANADA. [144][145] From July 18 to August 12, Okada took part in the 2016 G1 Climax, where he finished tied second in his block with a record of five wins, one draw and three losses. [58][59][60] On April 7 at Invasion Attack, Okada defeated Tanahashi to win the IWGP Heavyweight Championship for the second time. Which colour of hair does  Kazuchika Okada have? His profile was later removed from TNA roaster page on 13 October 2010. He added that Okada and Omega "may have put on the greatest match in pro wrestling history" and that it was the best match he had ever seen, including by industry veterans Daniel Bryan, Mick Foley, and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. [30] On June 16 at Dominion 6.16, Okada lost the IWGP Heavyweight Championship back to Hiroshi Tanahashi, ending his reign at 125 days. [112][113] On September 21 at Destruction in Kobe, Okada teamed with Yoshi-Hashi to unsuccessfully challenge Bullet Club's Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson for the IWGP Tag Team Championship. In October 2017, he became the first wrestler in the NJPW history to reign as IWGP Heavyweight Champion for more than 489 days, which was the previous record set by Shinya Hashimoto. Brian Willett Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics, Nickayla Rivera Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics, Drew Brown (Musician) Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics, James Milner Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics, Taylor Townsend Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics, Julia Fox Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics, Kimmy Shields Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics, Lauren Cimorelli Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics, Rapper Russ Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics, A Kay Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics, Soni Nicole Bringas Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics, Mike Stud Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics, Jeannie Mai Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics, Being one of the most successful and popular Japanese professional wrestlers. HEIGHT 191cm WEIGHT 107kg YEAR OF BIRTH 8 Nov 1987 PLACE OF BIRTH Anjo-shi, Aichi, Japan BLOOD TYPE A DEBUT 29 Aug 2004 FINISH HOLD. The win also ensured that Okada would be breaking Shinya Hashimoto's record of 489 days as the longest-reigning IWGP Heavyweight Champion in history. [77][78][79] On September 29 at Destruction, Okada avenged the loss from G1 Climax by defeating Satoshi Kojima for his fourth successful defense of the IWGP Heavyweight Championship. In the match on August 26, Okada defeated Gedo, Jado, and Takahashi to advance to the finals of the tournament. [159][160] The rematch between Okada and Omega on June 11 at Dominion 6.11 in Osaka-jo Hall ended in a 60-minute time limit draw. On 29 August 2004, he made his first wrestling debut playing the match against Negro Navarro. Kazuchika Okada is 6 feet and 3 inches tall in height. [143] This led to a rematch with Naito on June 19 at Dominion 6.19 in Osaka-jo Hall, where Okada won the IWGP Heavyweight Championship for the fourth time. [131] He entered the final day with a chance to advance from his block, but a loss against Chaos stablemate Shinsuke Nakamura cost him a spot in the finals, giving him a record of seven wins and two losses. The two agreed to a two-out-three falls match with no-time limit at Dominion 6.9 in Osaka-jo Hall. [49][50] On January 15, Okada publicly dismissed rumors that he was going to be signing with WWE and instead announced that he had just signed a contract extension with NJPW. [142] Okada gained revenge on Sanada by defeating him on May 3 at Wrestling Dontaku 2016. [149] On January 4, 2017, Okada successfully defended the IWGP Heavyweight Championship against Kenny Omega at Wrestle Kingdom 11 in Tokyo Dome. [158] Okada's fifth defense took place on May 3 at Wrestling Dontaku 2017, where he defeated Bad Luck Fale. Kazuchika Okada and his wife doesn’t have any children till date. Kazuchika Okada has not been much active on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. [168] In January 2017, it was announced that the Tekken 7: Fated Retribution video game would feature Okada's in-ring costume as an alternate outfit for the character King. [5] On July 22, 2007, Okada took part in Último Dragón's 20th anniversary show, where he wrestled in a six-man tag team match, alongside New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) wrestlers Jushin Thunder Liger and Milano Collection AT[2] After the match, it was announced that Okada was graduating from Toryumon and joining NJPW. Kazuchika Okada later returned to NJPW on 14 December 2010 after resigning from TNA.


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