lucia micarelli mother

September 2020 Overture Online: Fair Trade of Music, Planning for Retirement: Free webinar for AFM 47 members, “Ask John!” Jazz Master Class with John Clayton, Phone Lines Temporarily Down – Here’s how to contact us, Take Action Now to Ensure Law Enforcement Integrity and Accountability: SB 731. It’s new and exciting and I still have moments onstage when I look around and think, “This is so cool. I get to play with you guys and I love you guys.” I’m really enjoying that right now. Did Pinchas Zukerman encourage or discourage your eclectic interests?

The strict musical regimen she experienced until she was 17 dictated that would be her fate. “If you've been trained to listen to mistakes your whole life, you forget to listen to opportunities.” Micarelli illuminated the “mental shift” one has to make from the precision required to execute classical music to the more collaborative approach of other genres,where the tunes are more like having a “conversation with people,” leaning towards rhythm and a “groove.”. “They said, ‘It’s OK. Let’s just play music.’ ”, Micarelli’s first try at sitting in with the Jazz Vipers was a disaster, she said. ), “As time has passed, I’ve realized that Treme really blew open my musical world.”.

That was the beginning of . I was touring a ton, and my base had been in New York and I gave up my apartment ’cause I wasn’t using it and I was just kind of freewheeling it being on the road all the time.

An Evening with Lucia Micarelli - coming to a PBS station near you! When other kids were out playing, I was practicing indoors. “Then I immersed myself in classic rock with Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. “It makes it more interesting to the audience.”. It wasn’t an easy childhood. I don’t know that I understood the music intellectually, but I was really moved by music. Micarelli immediately captured the imagination of her audience with the opening phrases of Estonian composer Arvo Part's “Fratres,” a mounting flurry of frenzied notes that morphed into the exquisite “Gabriel's Oboe,” the main theme from the film The Mission; Freebairn-Smith and Micarelli sweetly rendering the sublime motif that ended with a prayer. Dellinger traded in his viola for a banjo to accompany Micarelli with a final message: “'Hard Times' come again no more.”, This was an evening of musical enlightenment by a gifted ensemble, facilitated by a joyful sprite who lacked all pretense, making an uncommon connection with the audience. I mean I never really set out to do it. My love of ensemble playing really came from Zukerman. Before I came to L.A., before I met people who did session work, I literally didn’t even know that world existed. And, like every teenaged boy, I wanted to play every Led Zeppelin guitar solo, but on the violin.”. I love that feeling of being part of a creative community and having a support group to go to when you’re like, How do I deal with this? “I don’t think it’s a big deal anymore, because so many people are playing around with all these different styles,” she says, during a phone call from her Los Angeles home. The love and respect and big smiles flowed between Lucia and her group as beautifully and genuinely as the music. I sense that you have a lot of curiosity about music. That was huge for me. Thirteen WNET New York - March 3rd at 7pmArizona PBS - March 3rd at 7pmVegas PBS - March 3rd at 9pmWGBH in Boston - March 4th at 3:30pmKQED in San Francisco - March 5th at 8pmATL PBS in Atlanta - March 7th at 7pmWOSU Public Media in Columbus - March 8th at 10pmMilwaukee PBS - March 11th at 6:30pmTPT - Twin Cities PBS in Minneapolis - March 12th at 8:30pmWPBT2 South Florida PBS - March 12th at 8pmWTTW - Chicago PBS - March 13th at 7:30pm, PBS SoCal - March 13th at 9pmDetroit Public Television - March 15th at 8pmWEDU Public Media in Tampa - March 16th at 9pmWHYY in Philadelphia - March 18th at 8pm. During a visit, to which she had brought her violin, they discovered he could sing all the words and melody of songs she played. We will continue to update information on Lucia Micarelli’s parents. I get to pop into sessions from time to time, onto the scoring stage, and it’s always a thrill. Everyone grew up with PBS. And in her first nationwide solo concert tour, the violinist is set to perform 24 dates, beginning in July. “That was my first experience with a massive show,” Micarelli says, calling from her Los Angeles home. I know that does a lot for bringing work into cities, just from the acting I’ve done and then all the friends I have in the acting world, that that’s a big deal. Check local listings. But I’m so musically curious that I don’t want to present a purely classical show now.”. He also felt it was really important for our solo playing. I'm still on the Lucia Micarelli cloud today. It’s still a commitment every day, and it’s, uh … it’s my sacred time.

Lucia guest-stars in Episode 10 of "Manhattan" (WGN), playing Annie Liao, the wife of an accused spy. Obviously things could happen, but once you have music in your life it can always be in your life, really. But playing live, and with a program that isn’t a rigidly structured classical program, I get to know my audience and to talk to people. And that feeling of fulfillment is just really important just for all of us just in our lives in order to keep doing it. Following her education, Lucia was asked to join a number of tours and is known for her performances with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Jethro Tull, Josh Groban’s “Closer and “Awake” tours, and with Chris Botti. I now have a different understanding about what music means to people.


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