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After an unsuccessful attempt on Khan's life, the young Altaaf runs away and is found and brought up by a terrorist group led by their Pathan leader Hilal Kohistani, who brainwashes him into thinking that he and his men act according to Islamic principles and trains him to become a terrorist. Just when Altaaf seems to have settled down in his new home and accepted Khan and Neelima as his new parents, he finds Khan's mask and realizes that Khan was one of the policemen who killed his family. Farmers can save up to 30% on cost of fertilizer. He then berates Hilal for his lies and treachery he has done in the name of their religion, and is about to put him out of his misery. She is currently studying to be a doctor. "[2] Giving the film 4 out of 5 stars, N K Deoshi of apunkachoice.com wrote, "Beneath all the drama that goes on in the movie there lurks the aspiration to get across to people the message of what actually people of Kashmir are going through. After this, he started working with his father as an assistant director in films. Despite being beaten up, Khan reveals to Altaaf about the true goals of Mission Kashmir and that Hilal has lied to him the entire time. Alias Release Dates Man on mission- to live the best life possible come what may. While helping out his fellow terrorists, Atlaaf reunites with Sufiya, who has become a TV personality. Kashmir ki azadi tak. In 1983, Suchita made her debut in film industry as a child artist with Woh Saat Din, starring Anil Kapoor. Suman Tarafdar of Filmfare panned the film for its lack of "serious look at the issue". The film was screened at the Stockholm International Film Festival. Khan's wife Neelima, feeling sorry for Altaaf, attempts to persuade Khan to adopt Altaaf. Filming & Production See our Privacy Policy for details. Tragic Terrorist. Full Name Before Altaaf shoots Hilal to his death, Hilal (with an evil smile) sets off a bomb to distract him and Khan before he dies, allowing Hilal's men to regain the launchers and prepare launching the missiles at the holy shrines. JKSWM was formed by a group of highly trained professionals with considerable work experience in the field of Education, Environment, Women Empowerment, Livelihood Programms, Information Technology, Vocational Training, Health, Skill Development etc. Upon arriving at Khan's house, Altaaf becomes haunted by recurring nightmares of the masked policeman, and started drawing gruesome pictures of it, but later on, he is comforted by both Khan and Neelima. Eventually, Khan and his men manage to track down one of the hideouts after capturing the bomb-briefcase men, and soon uncover evidence regarding to Mission Kashmir. According to scheme government helps Farmers to improve productivity of soil for better crop. He also proved himself to have a conscience as he vehemently opposed Hilal's true plan of blowing up the local Hindu and Muslim temples; even hesitating to shoot Khan in the head when the latter was willing to accept his fate after apologizing for killing his family. One day, his young son Irfaan meets an accident and is taken to a hospital, but due to a fatwa instigated by the leader of a terrorist group forbidding doctors to treat policemen and their families, the doctors refuse to treat Irfaan who succumbs to his injuries. Jkbreaking.com. Srinagar (Jammu and Kashmir) [India], September 22 (ANI): Chief Justice of Jammu and Kashmir High Court Gita Mittal on Monday inaugurated the new facilities at Srinagar's Central Jail. Submitted addresses will be confirmed by email, and used only to keep you up to date about Global Voices and our mission. [1], Saisuresh Sivaswamy from Rediff wrote, "This is a story from the director's heart, not his head, and the sincerity comes across in frame after frame. National Horticulture Mission was launched in 2005-06 as a Centrally Sponsored Scheme to promote holistic growth of the horticulture sector through an area based regionally differentiated strategies. By staging a fire in the jail that allows one of the bomb-briefcase men to escape, Khan and his men manage to track down and capture Hilal. [4] Film journal Screen praised the performances, but further wrote, "Chopra makes a sincere effort in his latest film Mission Kashmir to bring to the fore, the turmoil in the valley. Taken in by Hilal Kohistani (a Pathan leader of a group of terrorists), Altaaf was willing to exterminate anyone that serves as an obstacle of himself or to Hilal's plans, as he managed to take down several BSF officers without getting a scratch. After this, he did small roles as a child artist in many films, although his father wanted to focus on his studies. She was also seen in popular films like Laila, Preeti, Mission Kashmir, O Re Manvaa, Firaaq etc. In 1989 at age 11, Altaaf was living in the village of Dalgate with his parents and sister, developing a habit of creating beautiful artworks. | Hope this pandemic vanishes away .. Kashmir saw over 413 internet blockades since 2012, the longest one is from August 4, 2019, to March 4, 2020, as per Internetshutdowns.in. Kashmir Television Network ( Art, Culture and Language ) TV Channel. Unscripted News. He was later found by Hilal, who seemingly showed pity on the traumatized boy and took him under his wing and raised him to become a terrorist, brainwashing him into believing that he is acting on behalf of the name of Islam. On the same date that Atlaaf's family was murdered, Altaaf makes another attempt on Khan by having three of Hilal's men plant a bomb in Khan's briefcase. Mission Kashmir Media/News Company . Unfortunately, Atlaaf's parents and sister are caught in the crossfire and they accidentally end up being killed along with the terrorists, all witnessed by a screaming Altaaf as he watches the scene in complete horror. Media/News Company. He is adopted by the police chief who is responsible for this, and when Altaaf finds out, he seeks revenge and becomes a terrorist. None A family caught in the crossfire is killed by accident. Khan also realises that Hilal deliberately kept the true plot of Mission Kashmir a secret from Altaaf for he fear that Altaaf would not support it. In the times of #COVID-19 .. Pilgrimages maintaing #socialdistancing while performing #hajj2020 .. "[3] Savitha Padmanabhan of The Hindu stated, "Mission Kashmir might have its faults but it is definitely a cut above the rest of the commercial Hindi films that have been made on terrorism." Khan's wife Neelima, having lost Irfaan and feeling sorry for Altaaf, convinces her husband to help her adopt Altaaf. JKSWM is a Non Profit, Non Political Organization/NGO. Hilal orders Altaaf to shoot Khan, who is willing to accept his fate after expressing his dear love for Altaaf and remorse for killing his family. As Altaaf struggles to shoot Khan, he soon remembers that he once went to the shrines since Neelima took him there as a child. Tabish Aijaz started painting in Fourth Standard and since then it has become her hobby. Khan also stated that thousands of people will be attending the shrines for congregation and will suffer the same fate that Neelima and Altaaf's family have endured if Altaaf lets Hilal complete the operation. Despite his fear that Altaaf may discover the truth and get revenge for it one day, Khan reluctantly agrees as he holds extreme remorse for killing Altaaf's family. See all those languages up there? According to research by Sheikh Shoib and S. M. Yasir Arafat published in The Lancet in September 2020, the combination of communication blackouts with lockdowns in Kashmir is likely to cause loneliness and escalate psychological distress. The latest COVID-19 numbers as of October 11 for Jammu and Kashmir are 83,064 with 1313 deaths. Khan jumps in and rescues the unconscious Altaaf by bringing him to shore, evading the explosion of the hideouts caused by Altaaf's act of redemption. Crimes Deciding to give up his goal for revenge and redeem himself for his crimes, Altaaf allows Khan into getting to the launchers. The story is set in Kashmir and centers around a young boy 'Hamid' played by Talha Arshad Reshi who wants to talk to Allah over the phone so that he can convince him to send his father back. Computers & Internet Website. (ANI), NISHAD party MLA among 3 booked for raping singer in UP's Bhadohi, Nityanand Rai challenges Tejashwi for a debate, CRPF jawan injured after terrorists attack security forces in J-K's Pulwama, Central govt lauds Uttarakhand govt's midday meal scheme resulting in reducing dropout rates, Centre, Karnataka government making efforts to provide relief to flood-affected families: PM Modi, Several IIMs, IITs and other institutes opened in last few years: PM Modi, Mayawati lashes out at Kamal Nath for derogatory comment on BJP's leader, demands apology, copyrights © aninews.in | All rights Reserved. [2], From Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, "Hrithik Roshan overview and filmography", https://simple.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Hrithik_Roshan&oldid=6442752, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License. The government of India has launched a scheme ”National Mission on Sustainable Agriculture (NMSA)” for Farmers.


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