scottish drama series 2020
Instead, there was the power of love and the hope of redemption. It was like they had to finish or didn't know how to develop the story line past the first couple of episodes. It's a truly iconic series. If you liked Juno, you'll love this equally funny comedy drama set in Edinburgh. Interesting plot with the added bonus of no false Glasgow accents. c)The Social Worker's criminal behaviour in accessing data files. As others have said, there are a few story lines that don't really go any where. Lovely scenery and nice city shots and great to see a proper satisfying ending. If the best thing you can say about a series is its wonderful filming location, you know you have a problem! Scottish Series on Facebook. This little-known 2008 comedy series stars Gregor Fisher and ex-hobbit Billy Boyd as Jacky Allen and Tony MacBryan, two chatty men who work for a property maintenance company in Glasgow. Well he would have "a good Glasgow accent " as he was brought up in Greenock, not far from Glasgow, Cant understand the negative reviews. [1] The series premiered on 14 September 2020. Started out strong but after the first 2 episode it started to decline all around. I was pleasantly surprised with the last episodes, leaving you wanting to know more about Kayas background. Awards Well worth a watch. And sue the Embryo storage facility? Latest News. Must have been a nice change for the true Scottish actors !. After episode 2 is hard to know yet if the main male character is a good character or a villain... good suspence and "misteri" which will make you curious to watch the new episode! | Gives us something to think about and lose ourselves in. The soundtrack should not be ignored. Why did Kia hang around? We turned it off after 30 minutes. Sophie Rundle everything you do seems to turn to gold. Run out of things to watch? It features 18-year old Laura and 16-year-old Jamie, who hook up at a sixth-form party. The characters have a great depth and they slowly get revelead to the viewer with good plot twists! This award-winning 1994 six-part series features a young-looking David Tennant as Campbell, a manic-depressive patient in a Glasgow psychiatric hospital, who becomes the hospital radio DJ. Now we are left wondering, what is going to happen next??. We have moved home! Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's all about class, privilege and all that, but is it? Cannot wait for the next episode. Frankly I would NOT recommend wasting one's time. If you were to hear "small girl" or "little girl" ten times in a movie, would you think that a parody.


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