synchronicity with another person
Can anyone explain this to me? It’s based on his book “The Power of Coincidence”. Before I even knew my daughter was pregnant, I kept having a reoccurring dream of a baby who had blonde hair and was beautiful. Then everything will seem to fall into place. The other two, one month apart. On Friday last week, me, my brother, cousins neighbour and nephew were outside chilling after a huge meal at a restaurant for my cousins graduation, and as soon as we got out it was all fine and as we were just chilling, it started to get cloudy and all of a sudden we decided to do a countdown from 5-1 and we triggered like thunderstorm lights and as we kept on doing this countdown it ended up in really heavy rain and a few loud thunder strikes. There is no separation between you and anyone or anything. I’m searching for the meaning, and I’m trying to put positive energy into the universe, but I’m beginning to worry, that something big or hurtful is going to happen to me soon. Click here, Relationship Forum to read and share stories about synchronicity in relationships. so across the top of my phone (like, in the notification bar) it was 36, 36, 36. and that led me here, lol! Anything COULD be true; we can only know what we can prove. Follow your passion and dreams and accept the way it is. I don’t know how this happened but it kept me thinking all over the place. If I think the fairies make the sun rise every morning, the sunrise will be evidence of fairies (in my world.). I don’t think she meant any harm. Or if not exactly at the same time, they are somehow linked. I understand what you mean Loretta. Therefore all ‘messages’ associated with meaningful coincidences are self-generated, not the result of the universe connecting with you. I have so many questions and no one to ask. After a social outing, we walked to my friend’s business which was a funeral home. Let them come to you. © 2020 Intuition Journal. Cancer Horoscope - Monday, October 19, 2020: Everything is possible in moderation. Intuition is internal synchronicity. Was my computer bugged and a large audience of people were reading my stupid fantasy love story? There are two significant days in life, the day we are born, and the day we realize why. It doesn’t have anything to do with you. 2. Coincidence or signal from the universe? Your mind is free to travel anywhere across time and space. I’m weirded out at the moment and no idea what to make of it all. But no matter how clever you are, it is not enough. I would tell her that she reads too much into this. (I grew up Southern Baptist) So I was pretty much going against the grain. And even if for just a brief moment, something awakens…. Here is one that odd. Stu, she merely awoke emotions in you. This is called reality creation. I wanted my main character to be the same way. I am looking for answers. Such stories are endless, the frustration is in what the heck this means, any theories from this crowd? I think you need to keep lines of communication open; you will likely discover the two of you have a connection at some level. Does that mean because we can’t see what the cat sees it isn’t there? The signs don’t scare me anymore, people, on the other hand, do. still don’t know what it means, but I know I felt energy flowing when I saw that. He pointed out to me that it was right after my relative passed on, that indicated to me that he was aware of the timing, though I don’t know if he recognized the synchronicity in it. We dreamed of the same things, and I thought he was the other half of my soul. I waited and still no show, so I decided to keep saying to my self ‘he’s going to come this morning’ anytime I see a yellow object. They occur during periods of change, transition or questioning and will cause a strong emotional impact on the person who lives them and also lead to changes in the life of the affected person. I’ve never questioned why. pretty cool. It makes me feel like someone or some force is bringing harm and confusion to my life. Scientists can clone (duplicate) an organism using a single cell. Many years later after I sold it I was looking through family pics with my sister.


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