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He was on a honeymoon with his wife Liv in 1937–38, and it was there that he found the first signs that he thought indicated there had been early contact between South America and Polynesians,” Thorsby said. The renowned Norwegian explorer and archaeologist Thor Heyerdahl has died of cancer at the age of 87. Though absent from much of Thor Heyerdahl’s papers, Liv participated in many of his adventures. What follows, Thor says, is “the saddest story of my life, and the happiest, in the very same story.”.

Only two of the islands in the researchers' datasets welcomed these people, including Easter Island. The southern group covered the indigenous peoples of southern Chile, such as the Mapuche people. When Thor was 17, his father asked him to join him on his archaeological expedition to Easter Island. Thor noticed that the prevailing winds and ocean currents from America determined the flora and fauna, and he began to doubt theories that the Polynesian’s forefathers had arrived against the wind from Asia; they may have come via an alternate route. An earlier explanation for the partly Native American origins of Easter Island's indigenous peoples was a Peruvian slave expedition in 1862–63. Are you a beer lover? The researchers started with DNA testing, the same tool that over the years initially helped debunk Heyerdahl's theory. Oslo is one of the most dynamic and fastest-growing cities in the Western world. Leaving the church, somebody yelled after me, ‘Kon-Tiki iti iti! Lille Herbern Restaurant—A unique dining experience with a stunning view of the Oslo fjord. Both expeditions were intended to prove the possibility of ancient transoceanic contacts between distant civilizations and cultures. “I got a shock of course, but I wasn’t scared really because I expected all these Polynesian kids to swim like fish. What does the world know about Oslo, Norway? The settlers would have brought the plant with them, in as much as the isolated island was populated via a one-way ticket that ended in geographical isolation.

Learn how your comment data is processed. That was how, he claimed, that ancient civilisations saw them. Thor Heyerdahl’s archives at the museum are included in UNESCO’s Memory of the World register. They invited all the children aboard the boat and sailed around the island, “which was a tremendous experience of course, to them.” The village was on the south of the island and the crew’s camp was on the north coast. As a result, the researchers concluded that previous studies have looked in the wrong place, at the complicated case of Easter Island, and that the American heritage of the Rapa Nui people originated before the ancestors of Easter Islanders had set foot on the island. Thor Heyerdahl, the Norwegian anthropologist and adventurer whose imagination and vigor brought him acclaim navigating the Pacific, ... Mr. Heyerdahl's first wife, whom he … However, he soon became more interested in how Polynesia had been originally populated. Professionals and hipsters, artists and athletes, pensioners and prodigies… We'll photograph them and interview them, revealing the Norwegian character. After studying zoology and geography at university he married and, in 1936, travelled with his new wife to the Marquesan archipelago in Pacific. The accepted belief was that no American type of prehistoric vessel could have successfully made that journey; Thor Heyerdahl decided to try it. Award-winning Norwegian filmmaker Erik Poppe reveals the story behind ‘The King’s Choice’, The Gems of Oslo: The Hidden Treasures Inside Oslo City Hall. In keeping with existing research, he found there had been two migrations to the Polynesian islands, but claimed the oldest of these had not arrived from Asia by canoe, but by balsa wood raft from South America. Did Pacific Islanders and Native Americans ever have contact? Heyerdahl had undergone surgery last year, but it failed to halt his disease. The researchers concluded that there was one incident of contact between these separate ethnic groups. By tracking the earliest time estimates, researchers have also proposed the most likely meeting places. We seem to believe the ocean is endless... we use it like a sewer. The researchers believe this supports the theory that the American DNA material arrived on the island with Chilean settlers of partly European, partly American descent. In 1933, he began studying biology and geography at the University of Oslo, where he privately studied Polynesian culture. At the Kon-Tiki Museum you can experience up-to-date exhibits on Thor Heyerdahl’s expeditions: Kon-Tiki, Ra, Tigris, the fabled Easter Island, Fatu-Hiva, Tùcume, and Galapagos. He countered that his many expeditions, backed up by the artefacts which he had found scattered throughout Polynesia, proved his case. He said the world's oceans should be treated as one vast highway. For once, something exciting, thrilling, adventurous happened, that had nothing to do with the war. Again, he found indications of early visitors from South America.

Regarding questions & ideas for Content, Cross-Promotion or Partnership, please call Dina Johnsen at +4797729710 or Nancy A. Haave at +4798224795. And long before Europeans first saw the white beaches of the islands. In any case, the researchers wrote, the origin of the genes lies in islands unaffected by this voyage, and north of the Peruvian indigenous peoples that the researchers also looked at for the study. Modern people, he said, should be more ready to think in ancient terms. The researchers note that their findings are in line with a number of linguistic, historical and geographical clues that support contact with northern South America. “We were disrespected because of lack of resistance,” Thor says. Watch the original, Oscar-winning Kon-Tiki documentary at the museum cinema, with daily screenings at noon. A committed internationalist, he always travelled with a multinational crew and always flew the flag of the United Nations., 1 – 6 November: Oslo World Music Festival, 8–25 September: International Ibsen Festival at the National Theatre in Oslo, 28. See the original vessels, tour a 30-metre cave, and discover an underwater exhibit with a 10-metre model of a whale shark. He followed his epic journey with archaeological expeditions in the Pacific aimed at finding artefacts left by ancient South Americans. Text: Georgina Berry / Photos of Thor Heyerdahl Jr.: Dina Johnsen / Archive photos: courtesy of the Kon-Tiki Museum. Thor Heyerdahl Jr. (on the right) with his peers on the Easter Island expedition in 1955. TheOsloBook set out to find the most innovative and exciting breweries in Oslo, Norway! On the other hand, the researchers discovered that the Central American component, which is typical of Mexican and Colombian indigenous peoples, was only associated with the Polynesian part of the genetic material. So, welcome to Oslo, world! Thor remembers his father pressed him: “‘you were a crew member, a professional sailor, did you think of more than rescuing your own life?’” Thor was in deep shock, “‘well Papa I just don’t remember, it’s completely out of my mind'”. This suggests that the genetic material came to the islands independently of the European and southernmost American material. What the researchers can’t rule out, however, is that the Polynesians travelled to South America, rather than the other way around. “That was a fantastic adventure—a whole year as a late teenager on an expedition like that!” But he didn’t see much of his father as he had to work, just like any other crew member. In fact, the researchers' find suggests that this introduction took place several centuries before European ships first sailed into the Pacific Ocean. “He had chartered a Norwegian trawler, a fishing boat, manned it with a crew of 16,” Thor recalls, “but, as he said, ‘I lack a deck boy’,” Thor laughs.

Since the captives had been held only a few months, the researchers believe it is unlikely that this stay contributed to the American DNA sequences found on the islands.


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