About Us



People often ask, “What does it mean?” Or, “Does it mean ‘South African’?”

The answer is, like our logo, yes and no. Yin and yang. Wave up, wave down. Sofrican is certainly an abbreviated spelling of South Africa. However, it is much more than that.

Sofrican means so African. So amazing. So big. So raw. It means adventure.

Africa was the birthplace of mankind. Our start on this planet ages and ages ago. Our first home. From there we wandered, moved, explored with a shield and weapon to defend against beasts, other tribes, and the elements.  Mankind has been on safari ever since.

Each of us are now on our own urban safaris in the cities across the world – Cairo, New York, Singapore, Rio de Janiero, Los Angeles, Dubai, Tokyo, and London. We are on safaris in the most remote places possible: the Sahara Desert, the ocean floor, the Brazilian rainforest, and space.

In the broader sense then Sofrican also means so the World.

Let us pay homage to our first home. To remember her and the first gifts she gave our ancestors. Original superfoods like figs, dates, and coconuts. Clothing,  protection, and adventure.

There is always more. Keep searching. Keep learning. Keep doing. Be the global nomad you are and discover. Go with a spirit adventure. Take your shield, remember your home, suit up, and go do all things.

You can. We can.

(Our logo is a board (surf/skate/snow) shield showing two waves, two mountains – one up, one down -and a hidden letter S.)